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    Hack Google Leeched From Youtube! 04:35

    Hack Google Leeched From Youtube!

    by Dillonp23 (12/8/07) 446,325 views

    www.youtube.com/dillonp23 This is my SECOND episode of 'Try it Yourself' that I have made. Try it Yourself teaches you HACKS and TRICKS you can do using everyday household items OR something cheap from the shops. In this episode you will learn cool Google tricks and hacks. Go to google and search the following: - Search music, vids software and everything else in google: "intitle:index of" following by the name of the file (include the " in the search) eg. "intitle:index of" Fort Minor mp3 - Access LIVE Network Cameras: inurl:"viewerframe?mode Google Ambush! Earn $1000 per day http://www.clickaudit.com/goto/?140300