"She Danced Until She Died." Selected Trance Dancers on the Reptilian Cybernetic Killing Floors of the Martian Werewolf Porno Vampire Clan dancing themselves nonstop to death for entertainment. JaKOBS DIaRY, "TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY" an online Conspiracy Psychedelic Rock n Roll Phantasm Opera. Wrote this song in my head then went in and recorded in one take. It sounds raw and unpolished.
  • 21 Jun 2017
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The stage HEX COUNTY York Pennsylvania the most powerful paranormal conspiracy region in the world. In the Opera Good Morning Mistress is an alien "Vrorfulma" a "Beatlesque" song which turns into a rural gothic folk style psychodrama performed by Len Wiles Lionstar Marshal n The Supernatural Gospel Gears in the Celestial Green Forest. The cool psychedelic space rock punk song Cerealian Minstrel is written and performed by Sparky Lynne Newcomer who also let me use her beautiful alien style n cybergothic photos. Thanks for your song addition to the opera and photos Sparky. Watch the video, give a listen. Don't be alarmed. It's strange. Scene: Jakob contacts his Buzzard scout bird, Ethal the Buzzard Demon Fisher to find the location of Vrorfulma the Cerealian Minstrel who has returned as Nellie Noll the River Witch Of Marietta and is now a member of the notorious Martian Werewolf Clan for a meeting with Jakob Lemy Zook the legendary amish exorcism guitarist now at the apollo park alien landing field. Vrorfulma (Nellie) and Jakob form as Allies in a search for and the exorcism of Chronis the CIA eugenics half human half Dekalb GMO Corn creature in Hex County, "PennSYLtranceSYLvania" as referred to by a local Amish Hybrid Sect in the area.
  • 19 Jun 2017
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Rave New Wave Dance Song in the musical "Telepathic Girl Of The Stars" by The Marshmellow Angel PoP. NEBULON MEDIa...................The Xtronic Channel has a new Music DJ Celestial news anchor to take over broadcasting from the Planet Keplar 22-B throughout the Draco and Milky Way Constellations extending to the Apollo Park Landing field and alien sectors throughout Hex County, Pennsylvania on planet Earth the most paranormal region in the Universe. "Urviss" known as "The Telepathic Girl Of The Stars," because of her ability to broadcast psychically across the universe using the stars. She is part Human, part Nebulon. She will take over the broadcasting helm of Xtronic. We here at the Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild and the Xtronic Celestial Music and Galactic News Network welcome her to our team. - From the Psychedelic New Wave 80's Rock Musical, She's a Sci Fi Maniac Her Mother Think's She's Cracked written by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal. Music performed by Sci Fi Nebulons n The Marshmellow Angel Pop. Photos by the beautiful South Eastern Pennsylvania, Songwriter, Guitarist and Recording Artist Donna Nye.
  • 2 Jun 2017
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Recorded Space Rock song in 1981 on an old analog tape machine. Song is part of the Psychedelic Rock n Roll Phantasm Opera Here n Now Wedding of an Alien Steel Grey ( see full video Overture in collaboration with Sparky Lynne n Rusty Newcomer. Google Supernatural Gears ) & the musical "She's a Sci Fi Maniac and her Mother Thinks She's Cracked. Recorded by The Sci Fi Nebuons n Marshmellow Angel Pop. Written by Len Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of HeavenCan in the Celestial Green Forest. FREE SONG DOWNLOAD Google Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal. See main Psychedelic Rock n Roll Phantasm Site the Supernatural Gospel Gears. Google Supernatural Gears
  • 11 May 2017
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PSYCHO POLITICO LP - Governments gone insane. MIT weapons expert says Syrian chemical was staged. False Flag event. Who staged it? See Psycho Politico - Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel of Heaven in the Celestial Green Forest FREE SONG DOWNLOaD "Cinderella Exorcism Guitar" Google Supernatural Gears
  • 27 Apr 2017
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Psychedelic Psalm365: Jesus Spoke To Me Last Night. Wrote this song for Good Friday and Easter Sunday which is part of the Psychedelic Rock & Roll Phantasm Opera, JaKOBS DIaRY, “TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY.” Jakob awakes in a waking trance around 3 O’clock in the morning to the sound of the most wonderful beautiful angel voices imaginable. For months now he has noticed in dreams that a small starship has been sitting in the pasture field sitting next to his house with angels seemingly standing guard. There is a line of angels surrounding his modular signal family home. The angels stand around 12 feet tall. There seem to be thousands stretching out into the distance looking transparent in a line totally standing still like in a trance. Jesus tells Jakob they are in a state of “bliss.” They are completely white in color. Very chalk like looking. In the middle of the night Jakob hears a knock on the door. He opens it. Jesus and Mary are standing there. They asked if they can come in. Jakob says yes. He asked them what is going on. They said “Jakob do you have the numbers given to you by Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal.” You both will need those numbers. The time is coming……….that baby boomers soon to take flight. 80 million star rivers of starflight. Jakob said yes, he has the numbers. Later I awoke myself in a trance, me Lenny. John Lennon seem to be there. He was a member of the Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild. He told me to listen to a song with lyrics. Ballad of John and Yoko. He said this is what happens when peace and love is challenged by demonic elements. Christ you know it ain't easy You know how hard it can be The way things are going They're going to crucify me JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY. Google Supernatural Gears - Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal the Cedar Valley Minstrel Of HeavenCan in the Celestial Green Forest
  • 25 Apr 2017
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Video - Song 1. Dr. Green’s Medical Practice. Song 2. Exorcism of the Unknown Fallen Burnt angel. From the Conspiracy Psychedelic Rock & Roll Phantasm Opera. In this segment Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician is summoned by the Celestial Greens to go to the location believed to be where the German Nazi angel of Death Dr. Josef Mengele now going by the name Dr. Green is living hiding out in amish country Lancaster, Pa. He's also known to have a medical practice in York, Hex County. Dr. Green's Medical Practice. Mengele hasn’t aged from the experiments on children in which he developed an eternal youth drug. Jakob is to save two children being experimented on there in the underground tunnel complex and to rescue the Unknown semi fallen angel who travels with amitiel the truth angel but went missing. Dr. Green calls his child guinea pig experiments, "My Little Swine." To travel through the tunnels which leads to the 7 Gates Of Hell in Hellam up to the Harrisburg State mental institution tunnels. The Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild says there are reports of the children being abducted last seen getting in Dr. Green’s foreign green car. Other information includes the Unknown angel was also tranced and abducted by a porno vampire Drac Reptilian and was then possessed by one of the Hex County paranormal Skin Walkers and taken to the underground 20 mile tunnel complex surrounding the Harrisburg State Mental Institution and is believed to be under human eugenics experimentation there behind in one of the many torture cell rooms along the tunnel route where he is being experimented on trying to fuse him into an human celestial insect angel mutation. Experiment being funded by the ruling bloodline elites of New World Order. Jakob brings along with him one of the Blood Moon Clan’s most experienced exorcism minstrel units. The paranormal microwave music unit Uncle False Flag Pig & The Donovan Dreamer Quintet to help with the demonic extraction of the Skin Walker.
  • 18 Apr 2017
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Wrote this psychobilly rock song for my new online LP, "Psychedelic Rock & Roll Phantasm" LP. It's strange and different. Please give a listen. Feel free to leave comments bad or good. Thank, Lenny. Google Supernatural Gears for my main music site.
  • 9 Apr 2017
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Life has a way of coming back at you when you do bad things. Song written by John Lennon, first performed by the Plastic Ono Band. This is my version. FREE DOWNLOad. - Lenny. See my main music site ancient song vault. Google Supernatural Gears.
  • 9 Apr 2017
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Hexabaloo Pictures Presents: Season opera series episode. “Night of the Clown.” Somethings pounding on my door From the conspiracy music series JaKOBS DIaRY “TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY” about the Mind Control experiments in a rogue top secret New World Order and CIA Nazi Program called Project Monarch under the control of 800 German Scientist’s brought to America after WW2 along with the nortorious Dr. Josef Mengele the Nazi angel of Death who is still alive taking youth drugs he developed the easy way, through child medical experiments in the German concentration camps. Mengele now goes by the name Dr. Green now living in Lancaster, Pa with his three sons. Hitler resides there too living hiding among the Amish population. In this episode Jakob is caught off guard and becomes involved in a “Game Play,” by the Dracs. Draconians, the reptilian shape shifting Dracula’s shifting into clowns who play games with victims on what’s known as the Cybernetic Killing Floor. Reptilians shape shift through a process known as sped up evolution. Traveling through underground rogue military tunnels throughout the Hex County region to experimental human eugenics units the Nazi’s and Mengele are working with the NWO for a complete Fascist Stalinist Dictator style takeover of the world using mind control technology. Jakob was abducted as a child growing up in the 60’s on the family farm during the summer and sent to Monarch Mind Control school at a rogue underground military facility near Aberdeen Military base in Maryland where during an experiment a psychic hole was torn open in his Pineal Gland forming a psychic supernatural tunnel to paranormal Dimensional worlds gaining access to strange psychic, telekinesis, remote viewing powers where he traveled back through time traveling a celestial “reincarnation route” back to the middle ages where he became a member the Knights Templars as a Trumpet Templar Minstrel.
  • 16 Mar 2017
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The Order Of The Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild sent me a message that a False Flag attack is coming. Ordering me to make this video to broadcast to the world of this coming new attack - Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician - JaKOBS DIaRY, TRaNCE OF THE MONaRCH BUTTERFLY
  • 3 Mar 2017
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The Alien Steel Grey Marriage of Eppidox & Forgatael a Sci Fi Rock & Roll Phantasm Opera Eppidox & Forgatael travel to the Celestial city of Starchapel for their wedding and onward to earth for a honeymoon weekend at Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal’s house who wrote the musical program for their wedding. From there they travel through the star systems for a Honeymoon dream vacation.
  • 1 Mar 2017
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Been traveling as an exorcism minstrel throughout Hex York County Pennsylvania by Order of the ancient Blood Moon Clan Music Minstrel Guild. The Guild has been around for centuries which once belonged to the Knights Templars as Trumpet Templars blowing the horns of truth throughout Europe especially during the Dark ages. The Minstrels travel through time using what's called the reincarnation route. The Guild broke off from the Knights Templars when they became corrupt. The Blood Moon Clan is no centered in Hex County Pa.
  • 16 Mar 2017
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