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    Kate Winslet is Only Happy When It Rains 03:52

    Kate Winslet is Only Happy When It Rains

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (5/10/09) 158,144 views

    softcelltainted22 presents a Get Off My Lawn production... WARNING! If you do not want to see Kate Winslet utterly depressed, do not watch this video... or any of her movies lol They say John Cusack is always in the rain in his movies, but so is Kate Winslet! She's always in the rain, drowning or making some rain of her own with all the crying she does. But I wouldn't want her any other way, it seems to be doing her some good. She has been called "the best crier of all time"- seriously, I read an article. About the video, I kinda went a little "fade out to white" happy with it. When I was making Titanic- Umbrella I realized it helps accentuate musical points, now I'm addicted to it. I used just about every movie I could, if it isn't in the video, I probably haven't see it yet. Also, I did something a bit controversial. I used a deleted scene which I kind of don't believe in. I don't know, I think it's cheating. But I used the deleted scene from Titanic when she's destroying everything in sight. films used: Titanic Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Hamlet All The King's Men Sense + Sensibility Romance + Cigarettes Little Children Holy Smoke A Kid In King Arthur's Court *The Reader* Revolutionary Road Heavenly Creatures Finding Neverland Quills song: Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage I do not own any of the clips that were used in this video and I do not own the song. I make no profit from this video, it is strictly fanmade with no copyright infringement intended. All the clips featured came from Make It Count and katewinsletfan.com Special shout out to jami9375forever and missjessicadawson who are SUPER awesome for telling me about those sites.

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    Love Chain: Alyssa Milano - 2 05:29

    Love Chain: Alyssa Milano - 2

    by SockpuppetsAreDead (5/7/09) 162,986 views

    Just to give you a background, I had this stored for who knows how long and didn't realize that I have it. Basically, it's a tabloid celeb program supposedly following a celeb's love life. This episode features Alyssa Milano. I don't have the first segment, unfortunately. This is the third segment.

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    Playboy's Real Girls of Victoria's Secret - Destiny Skye

    Playboy's Real Girls of Victoria's Secret - Destiny Skye

    by Playboy (10/3/08) 776,667 views

    Playboy's Real Girls of Victoria's Secret features sexy lingerie models who actually work at Victoria's Secret. See these hot girls model the lingerie they sell and take it all off in the Playboy Cyber Club. See more at http://www.playboy.com (Playboy's Real Girls of Victoria's Secret pictorial is not affiliated with Victoria's Secret.)

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