AMP_07's Channel

AMP_07's Channel

Trying this out, soon my videos will be better. lol


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    Bice Club 01:10

    Bice Club

    by AMP_07 (9/13/07) 620 views

    Naples Florida Bice Club & Lounge. Dancing and relaxing, great music and drinks. Classy ambiance with elegant surroundings.

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    Scare Prank

    Scare Prank

    by AMP_07 (9/6/07) 12,993 views

    My sister and my friend were supposed to keep me company on this trip, but they both fell asleep. Well, I had to do something to wake them up. Holding the camera and driving a manual car gave me limited action on the prank, but it was still good.

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    Wasp Building A Nest 02:13

    Wasp Building A Nest

    by AMP_07 (9/9/07) 3,040 views

    Wasp or like insect making a nest on the wall. Bad focus and 2 minutes of your life you'll never get back, lol, but you have been warned, dare you to watch till the end.