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    Magnetism --Attracting Your Soul Mate 09:45

    Magnetism --Attracting Your Soul Mate

    by AWayOfLove (7/6/12) 12 views

    Magnetism—that quality of attracting to ourselves all we ourselves send out to the universe-- can have seemingly unexpected results. In this reflection, Marsha Jane Orr shares an aspect of magnetism that is involved in attracting one’s soul mate. Like Sonia Choquette, she agrees our soul mates can often initiate our spiritual path. What are you magnetizing in your world and what are you choosing?

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    Contentedness 10:27


    by AWayOfLove (7/6/12) 3 views

    Contentedness Whenever we are ‘out of contentedness’ we have the ability to call ourselves back into this state of being, allowing whatever is present in our world, forgiving ourselves and others and choosing again the quality of contentedness.

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    Synchronicity 03:49


    by AWayOfLove (7/6/12) 4 views

    Synchronicity --Appreciating synchronicity in our life gives us access to answers we seek, guidance from spirit and people who have something to teach us in this lifetime. Open your heart and mind to receive what you seek! Life is magical…and often very humorous