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Well i guess 10000 bucks is quite good for one multiplication.


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    Easy Graphical Fractions Addition/subtraction Trick 02:49

    Easy Graphical Fractions Addition/subtraction Trick

    by Akahad (12/24/06) 27,224 views

    Add or subtract fractions in a graphical way. It's a simple application of the first graphical multiplication trick. In fact, you will combine three multiplications to get a common denominator. The final drawing will have a "M" shape. The upper part shows the numerator, the lower shows the denominator. This trick is NOT meant to be efficient or even useful in everyday life, it's just a graphical, esthetic way to put a calculus. I have also added some info about multiplying by zero since it has been asked before. If you don't understand the video and haven't seen the first multiplication trick, you might want to check it at: www.metacafe.com/watch/296904/easy_mental_multiplication_trick

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    Sugar Emit Green Light In The Dark

    Sugar Emit Green Light In The Dark

    by Akahad (12/7/06) 4,603 views

    A nice physics experiment to see! The compression on the sugar crystal, creates a charge separation inside it (a phenomenon called piezoelectricity). This charge separation creates enough current to excite nitrogen in the air. The nitrogen emits light. Wintergreen candies (if you can find them in your country) will make a stronger light. Quartz crystal will do the same and it can even light a LED if connected with. You can also crush the crystal with a pair of pliers. Have you ever tried to smash small sugar cubes in total darkness with a hammer ? It's hard :)

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    Easy Graphical Multiplication Trick 02:26

    Easy Graphical Multiplication Trick

    by Akahad (11/16/06) 2,333,954 views

    How to transform a multiplication into a simple counting of points through the drawing of a square shape (original analogy was with a stool). It works with any numbers if you keep the right partition. If you use a zero, use a dotted line. When a dotted line cross another dotted line or a plain line, count zero. You can verify with your calculator!It's only meant to be a funny trick to show to kids not to be an efficient way to do multiplication.An application of this trick can be seen at:http://www.metacafe.com/watch/339625/easy_graphical_fractions_addition_subtraction_trick/check our new video: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/410784/eating_fire/