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    The Making of a Website..From Beginning to End! 04:06

    The Making of a Website..From Beginning to End!

    by AlphaHusky (4/22/13) 17 views

    I thought it would be interesting to record myself writing my website, going through various ideas as I go along, correcting mistakes, changing ideas etc etc. Please enjoy this short and complete video of the making of *Watch in HD to see the code!* The song featured in the video is Monsta - Holdin on Skrillex and Nero Remix. Go to amazon or iTunes to purchase their music! It's awesome!

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    Desktop Short Code Launcher 04:15

    Desktop Short Code Launcher

    by AlphaHusky (2/27/10) 118 views

    I've completed the Beta version. This program allows you to launch any program on your computer from your desktop simply by typing in a few letters that you designate to that program. No more messing with a MILLION icons on your desktop. No more searching and clicking and clicking several times just to get what you need. This program was designed to help the every day multi tasker get things done in an instant without having to search all over the place for what he/she needs.

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    What Can Bing Answer for You?

    What Can Bing Answer for You?

    by AlphaHusky (2/1/10) 181 views

    This 'commercial' was made out of spite of the new Bing search engine by Microsoft. Though many are switching to Bing, that many more are staying with Google. Why? Well... When I do a search on, I feel the same way I do watching this video... I feel as though I'm asking Dr Stupid! Enjoy!

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    Game Log Search Program 03:14

    Game Log Search Program

    by AlphaHusky (8/17/09) 203 views

    I made this game log search program in Excel VBA because I work a lot and VBA is the only thing I have access to. This program will search for specific strings and then output the data into a separate file. This will make the log much easier to read and moreover; allow you to find only the information that you want.. like IP addresses or GUIDs etc.. Please email me if you would like a copy. I don't charge money for anything of mine. Enjoy!

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    Chernobyl - A World Alone 03:30

    Chernobyl - A World Alone

    by AlphaHusky (4/27/09) 16,379 views

    This video was made to serve as a reminder to others of what happened that fateful day on April 26th, 1986 when the 4th reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant had a meltdown.

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    G'zOne (Waterproof Phone) Underwater Bluetooth Test 02:43

    G'zOne (Waterproof Phone) Underwater Bluetooth Test

    by AlphaHusky (4/22/09) 1,097 views

    Yet another test on the Verizon Wireless G'zOne C711 phone. I decided to test the bluetooth to see if it would stay connect while the phone is under water. Works better than expected! The bluetooth only chops up when I cover the phone. (Which is to be expected with transmission of any wireless signal if it is blocked).

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