Download file here: *******godownloadlink****/Theresa365/Download Instructions: 1.Download The Patch (Link In Description) 2.Put The Patch On Usb And Plug Into Xbox Or Ps3 3.Start Black Ops 4.Go To Private Match Then Start It 5.When The Game Starts Press xbyyax or if your on a ps3 press triangle triange square square circle circle 6.The Game Should Reset 7. All Done! When You Kill Someone You Will Get Very High xp Like Shown In The Video!
  • 3 Feb 2011
  • 563
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Download file here: *******godownloadlink****/Theresa365/Glitch My tutorial for the newest and first 3 gun and unlimited Gatling gun / Death Machine gun glitch. It's insanely easy, have fun!
  • 7 Dec 2010
  • 833
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