This Blue Eyed (user name) is energized with electricity and fire. She is ready to take you on in any manner you seem fit. Come feel her magnetic energy she gets when she comes across a man that has the guts and desire to play with her in a HARD and ROUGH manner. Do You have what it takes to meet her head on? Test yourself against her at www.*******wwww.BlondeChic.Net where there aren't any rules classified as unappreciated or inappropriate behavior. Are u Scared?!
  • 26 Jun 2007
  • 25 966
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Take a peek at how I spend my days at the local gym training and see some of my favorite hobbies that help me keep my fitness goals in clear view. Enjoy the competition battle between myself and a member of our gym. Do you think you can defeat me in this type of competition? I would't be so sure of yourself until you get to know me a lttle bit better and understand what I am playing with. Come visit me at *******www.BlondeChic.Net to collect any information you need to prepair for the challenge. I will be waiting!
  • 26 May 2007
  • 12 903
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