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    Dheeyash Digiarts Welcomes You 01:23

    Dheeyash Digiarts Welcomes You

    by Dheemanthini Sharma (1/11/10) 2,258 views

    Dheeyash Digiarts welcomes you to a world of fantasy and dreams. Digital art has provided artists to customise art to greater satiety levels for the connoissuer who ardently invests in making dreams happen at the interiors of his home/workstation infact everywhere he/she chooses to be. Dheeyash digiarts presents you with original digital artworks, hoping the works provide an inner calm to your mind and if you recall your beautiful and peaceful experiences, viewing them, it is a fulfilment. Whether at a corporate office or a work station, art humanises the place of work , making it better. We make art that can be customised to your requirement. You have excelled in choosing good visual imagery for a finely sustained sensory experience. Your esteemed patronage gratifies us with the happiness of created works you enjoy. I take this wonderful oppurtunity to invite you to experience digital art at its best. We can be found at: Contact: Dheemanthini Sharma Ph: 91-080-23466177 Please walk in though... #27, 3rd Cross, Kumara Park West, Bangalore - 560020, Karnataka, India Email: Please begin your email with 'To Dheeyash Digiarts' if you find this interesting. Have a great time. urls: Minimum Print size: 3' X 2'

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    Psychoactive Compounds in Theology Curriculum 01:02

    Psychoactive Compounds in Theology Curriculum

    by dmttsm (1/11/10) 1,860 views

    The Spirit Molecule investigates dimethyltryptamine (DMT), an endogenous psychoactive compound, which exists in humans as well as in numerous species of plants and animals. The feature-length documentary traces Dr. Rick Strassman's government sanctioned human DMT research and its many trials, tribulations, achievements, and inconceivable realizations. This includes looking deeper into the intense psychedelic experience that DMT causes when consumed, and examining DMTs scientific, spiritual, and cultural relevance. Ultimately, The Spirit Molecule explores the connections between cutting-edge neuroscience, quantum physics, and human spirituality.

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    How to Draw an Airplane, Step by Step

    How to Draw an Airplane, Step by Step

    by DragoArt (1/9/10) 4,062 views

    Flying high in the sky is something that many people do to travel back and forth to desired destinations. One of the coolest things to draw is an airplane. This video will show you how to draw an airplane, step by step. Visit the actual tutorial as well as many others: the best drawing tutorial site in the world!

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