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Bibi is the 3-year-old spokesbird for She's also loads of fun. Watch as she learns new words and new tricks!


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    Bibi the Bird 01:05

    Bibi the Bird

    by AnimalSites (3/19/09) 471 views

    Bibi is sitting on her cage door talking about things that are red, popcorn and her age. At the end of this video, she even does a little promo for her website,

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    by AnimalSites (12/17/08) 239 views

    This 2-year-old can count to 5 in four different languages. Here she counts in Chinese.

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    Democratic Parrot

    Democratic Parrot

    by AnimalSites (10/21/08) 2,242 views

    My name is Bibi and I want to send a shout out to my favorite candidates, Obama and Biden. Woo hoo! (Don't be hatin')

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    Swingin' 03:51


    by AnimalSites (8/15/08) 1,737 views

    Bibi loves to swing on her toys and hang upsidedown. Not much talking in this video... until the end. ENJOY! And thanks for watching.

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    Funny Bird Demands Steak 01:40

    Funny Bird Demands Steak

    by AnimalSites (6/12/08) 53,145 views

    The Barack Obama bird you saw on CNN is back! Bibi wants whatever you're eating -- especially if it's STEAK! Also features her debut performance of the Lollipop song.

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