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    Water Ionizer 01:29

    Water Ionizer

    by Arron Booker (6/23/10) 68 views

    There are a number of stores online that offer a bottle of these for around $15-30, which seems like it might possibly be a good deal. Do alkaline water drops provide any of the health benefits of a water ionizer?<br /><br /><strong>Do Alkaline Water Drops Provide Any of The Health Benefits of a Water Ionizer?<br /><br></strong>Ionized Water improves the Taste and Quality of Food - Because ionized water is able to hydrate food better, it is able to draw out its goodness and flavor better. It will also reduce the acidic level.<br /><br /><strong>Are They Priced High?<br /><br></strong>Most alkaline water drops on the market are extremely overpriced, considering the ingredients involved. We don\\\'t recommend mixing a batch yourself without consulting a professional, however by doing so you would be saving a good deal of money. But as we suggested before, a better solution would be purchasing a water ionizer. Without an ionizer, you get none of the water purification benefits, all you get is the alkalinity. And while we firmly believe in the benefits of alkaline water (obviously) we also firmly believe that there are too many contaminants in everyday water to not be running it through a high-powered filter before consumption.<br /><br />More information on <a href=\\\"\\\">Water Ionizer</a>