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    AtHomeNet About Us 10:07

    AtHomeNet About Us

    by AtHomeNet (3/25/11) 9 views

    The nation's leading provider of Community Association, HOA & Business websites, AtHomeNet, presents an indepth look at the story of the company through the eyes of its founders and staff. Since 1998, AtHomeNet has provided fully supported websites and related services to the professional Association Management industry as well as Communities & Neighborhoods across the nation and abroad. For more information on AtHomeNet please visit our home website at You can also follow AtHomeNet on twitter, catch up with us on Facebook and Myspace, or visit AtHomeNet's youtube channel for more videos on all things AtHomeNet at

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    Association Management Leadership Forum 2011 Tour 03:27

    Association Management Leadership Forum 2011 Tour

    by AtHomeNet (3/1/11) 10 views

    Welcome to the forum for forward thinkers in the Association management industry. Conceived as a joint venture between the nation's leading provider of Community Association Management Websites, AtHomeNet, along with Tops Software and Association Ready, The Association Management Leadership Forum was founded to take an in-depth look at the current state of the Association Management industry and the technological innovations that can give you the competitive edge. The forum is comprised of a half day presentation with breakout sessions for more comprehensive discussion with the presenters and your fellow attendees. We will be covering important topics including Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Networking, Mobile Web Applications, the top challenges facing the association management industry, and so much more. We'll also explain how you can incorporate these tools and innovations into your current business plan to maximize your exposure in the industry and build stronger relationships with clients and vendors. Days following each event are available for scheduling meetings with the presenters for one-on-one demonstrations of the tools presented during the forum. The tour was kicked off in Atlanta, and will visit 8 other cities in 2011, including Houston, San Francisco, Denver, and Miami. Seating is limited for this important event to provide the ultimate experience for each participant, so visit and register today.

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    HOA Websites & Hurricane Preparedness

    HOA Websites & Hurricane Preparedness

    by AtHomeNet (6/16/10) 91 views

    Is your Homeowners Association prepared for Hurricanes and other storms? Homeowners Association Websites, Community Websites, and Condo Websites can be real lifesavers in times of inclement weather. As Hurricane season approaches in communities all over the world, having an action plan as to how to use your Association Website to protect your residents and their property can literally mean the difference between safety and disaster. We have all heard about or experienced the effects of a hurricane, which can be a traumatic disaster for any Community Association. The damage can be devastating for those Homeowners Associations who have not established a communication or crisis plan. While you can’t prevent a hurricane from causing damage to your community and your residents’ property, you can put in place action plans to ensure that everyone is prepared. A Community or HOA website can be a vital communication tool in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster. From providing up-to-the-minute status updates and photos of your Condo or Homeowners Association’s properties, to offering a list of local vendors for damage repairs, your Community website can be your residents’ ultimate resource. This video highlights some important tips, examples, and techniques that will help you in determining how to use your HOA website to deal with these destructive and unpredictable storms. We have also created a resource guide to give you the information to be prepared for a natural disaster or hurricane and how you can use your most versatile communication tool, your Condo or Community website, to help your residents and clients weather the storm. The Resource guide can be downloaded free from . Some of the features of an HOA website discussed here that can assist you in case of an emergency in your community include an HOA Website Announcements page, Photo Albums, Email Bulletins, Resident Address Book and more. This film was produced by AtHomeNet, the nation’s leading provider of HOA websites, Community Association Websites, Condo Websites, POA Websites, Association Management Websites, and Neighborhood Websites. For more than 11 years, AtHomeNet has pioneered the industry of providing powerful online communication tools for Homeowner Associations and communities all over the world. With their websites being logged into by more than 1.6 million homes and counting worldwide, this informative video is designed as a free resource to Communities and Homeowner Associations, and a part of our commitment to the industry we serve, and the countless residents and families worldwide that depend on Association Websites for information and peace of mind

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    HOA Website Provider AtHomeNet Introduces Upcoming 01:39

    HOA Website Provider AtHomeNet Introduces Upcoming "GoMobile"

    by AtHomeNet (5/17/10) 35 views

    Homeowners Association Website innovator AtHomeNet introduces the new technology of AtHomeNet's soon to be released "GoMobile", the ultimate in Community Association Management for today's active Board Members, Association Managers, and Community Website Admins who are constantly on the move.The service was previewed exclusively by AtHomeNet at the CAI National trade show 2010. Director of Sales Mike Curtis demos how the device will bring an unprecedented level of convenience and accessibility, as HOA Website Admins will be able to send out updates, check address books, and schedule events from any location via an I-pad or similar device. The release of AtHomeNet GoMobile which is slated to occur in fall 2010, will be available to customers of AtHomeNet's Homeowners Association Website Service, Condo Association Website Service, and Association Management Website service subscribers. For more information, visit, send us an email at, or call 1-800-556-7852.

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    AtHomeNet-TOPS-Association Ready Integrated Community Websites 09:54

    AtHomeNet-TOPS-Association Ready Integrated Community Websites

    by AtHomeNet (5/17/10) 30 views

    Featuring their new products and technology, partner firms AtHomeNet, Association Ready, and TOPS come together in Las Vegas at the CAI National Trade show 2010. HIghlighting the companies integrated Homeowners Association, Condo Association, Community Association Website soultions with TOPS Software and Association Ready; AtHomeNet also introduces the soon to be released "AtHomeNet GoMobile," changing the way Community Association Management is handled on the go.

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    Homeowners Association Website Online Reservations System Featuring Tuxford HOA 06:21

    Homeowners Association Website Online Reservations System Featuring Tuxford HOA

    by AtHomeNet (10/22/09) 213 views

    Industry leading Homeowners Association Website provider "AtHomeNet" teams with Chip Yonkee of Tuxford HOA in Alpharetta, GA to develop a progressive tennis court reservation system. The reservation system can be accessed via PC, handheld device, or courtside. This system is highly integrated into the existing community website developed by AtHomeNet. Located Located in Alpharetta, Georgia, not too far from Atlanta, the Tuxford Community Association has been using AtHomeNet's Community Website to enhance communications in their community for years. Community Administrator Chip Yonkee has been somewhat of a visionary for Tuxford, using AtHomeNets website technology to take his community to the next level. AtHomeNet is the nations premiere provider of Association Management Websites, Community Association Websites, Homeowners Association Websites, POA websites, Organization Websites, and Small Business Websites. The company has hosted and designed websites for Community Associations in nearly every state in America, and over 5 countries worldwide. Having released the much anticipated AtHomeNet Elite earlier this year, AtHomeNets national Association Management clients are now beginning to use the late breaking technology designed with Portfolio Association Management in mind. The company is fast becoming the standard bearer for Community Management technology. Now celebrating their 11th year as a pioneering HOA website firm, AtHomeNet continues to grow and spearhead the movement for resident and community adoption of online communications. Tuxford communitys Chip Yonkee thought of the using AtHomeNets reservation system due to growing weary of utilizing an outdated paper reservations system. The old kiosk his community had beside the tennis courts was somewhat disorganized, archaic, and considered to be an eye-sore as he described it. Always thinking ahead of the curve, Yonkee knew that his Community Website had the functionality to make reservations online 24 hours a day. This was what he had envisioned his community residents doing; however, he wanted to take it a step further. He imagined an area where residents could walk up to the courts and make the reservations using the same online technology, but without having to install a housed computer. He assembled materials and drew up schematics to create a touch screen hub exclusively linked into the AtHomeNet reservations system, ushering in a new era of convenience and technology in Tuxford. Its been nearly 2 1/2 years since the system was installed, and now the residents of Tuxford can scarcely remember what life was like before the tennis reservations kiosk. Chip Yonkee used AtHomeNet technology to the fullest of its abilities paired with his own intuitive creativity to reinvent the way his community handled reservations.

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    Community Website & Homeowners Association Website Clients Speak 04:31

    Community Website & Homeowners Association Website Clients Speak

    by AtHomeNet (10/22/09) 78 views

    Community Website and HOA Website customers using AtHomeNet's website services speak about how the websites have improved their communities. Community & Homeowners Association Websites are a critiical part of today's progressive neighborhoods. A Homeowners Association Website can be a tremendous asset for both business and social processes within a community. It serves as a shot in the arm when communications become stagnant, and can literally determine the difference between a community that interacts and enjoys healthy consistent involvement, and a community that is socially stagnant and bogged down with cumbersome outdated processes. If a Homeowners Association Website is kept current by a site administrator and updated with events and happenings by residents, it is much less difficult to increase overall involvement, visits, and excitement about the HOA website in general. Your HOA site should in an ideal world create an environment where residents are on the site regularly, viewing it as the central information hub and lifeline connecting the community's residents, Board members, and the greater outside community at large. Homeowners Association Websites can be very different from community to community and across regional, geographic and demographic areas. They can also differ immensely in size, capability, and functionality depending on who is providing, designing, and hosting the site. Professional website developers often market generalized website templates that are applied to Homeowners Associations. These results can vary in effectivity, as the needs of an average HOA can be easily overlooked since the design is not customized to the HOA industry. There are some companies who market exclusively to the HOA industry, designing websites that are seemingly created for HOAs, Condos, and other planned communities. These companies charge a virtual cornucopia of different prices and contract lengths for their Homeowners Association Website services based on a number of constantly changing factors. The average Homeowners Association that has budgeted for an HOA website chooses a particular vendor based on several factors that have a long term impact on the community as a whole. In this film, several different HOA website administrators from across the U.S speak about how their communities were changed for the better through the use of AtHomeNet's Community and Homeowners Association Website services. For more information or to sign up for an HOA Website, please visit

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    POA Website 05:12

    POA Website

    by AtHomeNet (10/22/09) 87 views

    Property Owners Association Websites can be powerful tools on the road to your POA becoming a more efficient and highly communicative community. The national statistics speak for themselves, property owners associations, HOAS, and other planned communities account for over 60% of all association governed communities in the U.S. POA web sites can be critical building blocks in the challenge of communicating in an effective and efficient manner. A large number of individuals are making the transition from renting commercial properties to home ownership. With these increases; there are a number of new responsibilities and issues such as maintenance, property taxes, land upkeep, and architectural concerns that a POA web site can facilitate and simplify. Property Owners Associations and Condo Associations that have a POA website have enjoyed a distinct advantage in managing the numerous tasks associated with the successful operation of a community. POA Websites are designed to facilitate the specific needs of your Property Owners Association. According to information researched by the non-profit Community Associations Institute, over 2.5 million Americans serve on a community, HOA, or Property Owners association board. Of that 2.5 million, more than one fourth serve as members of one or more committees. POA websites are the most cost effective way to share, educate, inform, and communicate a limitless amount of information with the residents of your community. Association experts and industry insiders have agreed that POA websites are virtually a necessity to any Property Owners Association that values their money, resources, and time, particularly when many POAs are bolstered by the time and effort of volunteers and board/committee members. The world of costly paper mailings, random sign postings, endless phone calls, over stuffed file cabinets, and stretched to capacity resources and budgets can be a thing of the past. The key is to find the right provider that has the experience and expertise to design the kind of website that your Property owners are going to benefit from. Let's face it; there are a lot of Property Owners Association Web Site providers out there who are more than willing to collect monthly fees for POA websites that add very little value to the overall communications of your community. Numerous vendors selling POA websites have been known to offer anything from a virtually benign two page template, to a complex menagerie of directionless pages, leaving residents and general online visitors anxious to leave the site immediately. A great deal of this confusion is attributable to the fact that the online website marketplace is filled with companies who design various website services and plans that are not exclusive to the Property Owners Association Website industry. In other words, larger technology companies that offer small subdivisions dedicated to a particular niche' market, are suddenly releasing products that they know little about. By launching small subsets of their businesses focused on penetrating deeper into what they consider to be side markets, consumers are left with the dilemma of trying to differentiate between legitimately sound and experienced companies, and money gathering pet projects. Without a clear understanding of the POA website industry as well as the basic needs of the residents and board members associated with it; these companies unintentionally insure that the consumer gets the short end of the stick. Too many times a Property Owners Association ends up with their hands tied and their resources invested into a mediocre service where they are over charged for a host of functionality they did not request, do not need, and cannot use. Board members, residents, and community volunteers who live in real neighborhoods understand what functionality and features a POA website has to have to be an effective communications tool. In many states, Property Owners Association websites are a necessity for legal compliance with the public posting requirements for meeting minutes, by-laws, and other information essential to resident safety. Each year in a growing number of states, new legislation is passed regarding what information Property Owner Associations HAVE to make public and accessible to their residents 24 hours a day. AtHomeNet is the nation’s leading provider of Property Owners Association Websites, providing the most comprehensive yet affordable solution to facilitate compliance with these evolving laws. The greater observation is that beyond the obvious legal requirements; a POA website offers your residents the chance to share an unprecedented level of communications to the point where you won't be able to imagine what life was like before you launched your POA website. For more information or to sign up for a POA Website please visit

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    Condo Website 04:54

    Condo Website

    by AtHomeNet (10/22/09) 135 views

    The world of living in a condo community has continuously evolved to keep pace with technology and lifestyle in cities and suburban areas all over the nation. In all actuality, Condo Websites were fairly common in larger Metropolitan areas, but around the early 2000's America started seeing more of a growing Condo Websites trend. With surges in population growth in larger cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Atlanta, a staggering amount of newly constructed condo units were springing up in surrounding suburbs and even smaller cities and towns in most of the states in the U.S. Construction firms were rapidly expanding their workload and designing and building massive condo communities, opening the door for a variety of Condo Associations to be created by an increasingly diverse group of people. In areas like Florida where large groups of retirement and resort communities establish a presence, many older Americans began using the internet more, catching up with the reportedly younger generation that always appeared more tech savvy. In today's internet driven world, a Condo website is the lifeline between residents, Board members, and a world where having a computer is as important as having a phone. Residents from 16 to 60 are now seasoned internet users, and as Boards and Committees begin to expand and diversify, Condo Websites serve as the common denominator between age groups, ethnicities, and demographics. Residents login everyday to these websites to view activities and events. On the practical side, many communities utilize Condo Association Websites to sell more units; seeing the website as a strong advertising tool where their units can be displayed and marketed directly on site and through the results of search engine traffic. Features such as Condos for Sale & Lease, Classifieds, and Job bids serve as business tools allowing communities who finance the cost of Condo Association Websites with Condo Association fees, to recoup their investment. Many communities utilize their Condo Association Websites as revenue generating hubs, highlighting classified ads and condo units exclusively and selling advertising space in banner ads and other announcements to outside firms and other interested parties. At the end of the day, a Condo Association Website can only be as effective as the involvement and ability of residents and Administrators to utilize it as a business and communications tool. Many Condo communities launch community volunteer drives, offer training and incentives to gain resident interaction for their Condo Association Website. Condo Websites have been proven to be instrumental in facilitating the highest degree of communication and connectivity for today's progressive condo associations. The U.S Census Bureau reported in excess of 100,000 occupied condos in more than 50% of the US states as early as 1990. With population growth and development, these numbers have nearly tripled in some portions of the nation, with some states having close to one million. The role of the condo website in these growing communities is not only one of communications and business, but more often than not it has become a fiduciary relationship where residents place not only their information and resources, but also their trust in these powerful tools The decisions made by a condo association with regard to construction, maintenance, amenities, social and cultural enhancement, and legal matters, is pivotal in preserving the vitality and value of a community. The use of a Condo website is an integral part of these processes. A Condo Association Website unleashes the latest technology and design to create a tool for the condo association that is customized to simplify the administration and execution of all of the important tasks and decisions associated with the successful operation of a condo community of any size. A progressive Condo Website service is a professional tool that no condo association should be without. AtHomeNet is the nation's leading provider of Condo Websites, and provides this service with the added benefits of phenomenal support, FREE monthly updates, and customized design; all provided at an amazingly affordable price. With a full time technical support staff working to insure your community's needs are met quickly and efficiently; the set up time for your condo website is just one week. For more information or to sign up for a Condo Website please visit

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    Association Management Websites 02:31

    Association Management Websites

    by AtHomeNet (10/13/09) 50 views

    Whether you professionally manage one, several, or several hundred communities, an Association Management Website will provide you with the functionality and connectivity that is an essential component of every Association Manager's company business plan. Association managers have a wealth of responsibility to the residents and Boards in the communities they serve. They must maintain working relationships with legal bodies, service providers, communities, and many other professional resources and contacts. The necessity for a centralized tool to attract and maintain business as well as encourgae uninhibited communications at all levels is a mandatory obligation and a key ingredient to success. Association Management Websites can be remarkably affordable online solutions which are designed to be every Association Management's complete professional answer. As a professional property manager. there is no greater tool in maximizing the productive use of your limited time than an Association Management Website. Affordablility, unmatched ease of use, coupled with a full time, Atlanta-based support staff dedicated to putting your agenda first; makes AtHomeNet's Association Management website solutions key components of successful association management in an extremely competitive industry. The cost to design and maintain an application or website that offers the features and functionality that are standard in our Association Management Websites would diminish a manager's time and profitability on a perpetual basis. The burden of managing and disseminating the endless stream of pertinent and often times sensitive information without the aid of a reliable centralized adaptive online tool, is not only impractical, but quite unfeasible. Association Management Websites have saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time which were previously spent on phone calls, paper campaigns, meetings, and other outdated methods. By changing their business processes to utilize the technology available on Association Management Websites and associated Community Association Websites, more than 500 professional management companies nationwide have taken their business to unprecedented new heights of convenience, communications, and cost savings. If you are a manager with multiple properties, an Association Management Website solution by AtHomeNet is particularly valuable to your complex online needs. The business value of an Association Management website is a key component in taking your association management to an unrivaled level of proficiency. Whether you have one or multiple communities; these sites are designed to act not only as social and financial tools, but also as possible revenue generators and legal and documentation resources. Your Association Management Website is designed with the goal of addressing every aspect of the process of competitive association management and has become the ultimate resource for the consummate real estate management professional.We don't just set up a website and then disappear. We become a strong and consistent online advocate and partner, working with you to make sure you take advantage of all of our features & functionality; including providing customized branded community website marketing materials, setting up online payments capabilities. We can even show you how to turn process into profit by automating the creation of and payment for resale packages and documents. Association Management Websites are available to you, your clients, and the residents that live in the communities you manage, 24 hours a day in a secure online environment. For more information please visit and request a FREE information packet.

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