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    Tru Color True Colour Sunglasses Set 02:47

    Tru Color True Colour Sunglasses Set

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 2,201 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=tru+color+Sunglasses+Set For your favourite sun-worshipper, or jetsetters who’ve booked a hot winter break, these breakthrough technology sunnies make the idea gift. So you can see vivid colours without UV glare, Tru Color uses a scientifically advanced patented process which protects against the effects of ultraviolet light and even helps filter out high energy visible light. They eliminate glare with colors so crisp, so clear, you won’t even know you wearing sunglasses! Radical new technology uses melanin, just like the pigment in your skin to naturally filter sunlight, while maintaining clear, clean, sharp color definition. Tru Color incorporates an all new patented magnetic technology that allows you to securely clip your sunglasses anywhere you want. They hold so tight that you’ll never lose another pair of sunglasses again. Two pairs for the price of one, one tortoise shell and one black. 1 x Tortoise shell sunglasses 1 x Black Sungalsses 1 x Plastic Case 1 x Never lost clip

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    Miracle Blade Slicer 01:42

    Miracle Blade Slicer

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 826 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=Miracle+Blade Get the cutting edge on your lunch this year with this versatile, great value set of kitchen knives. Super-sharp, tough and durable - made to the highest standards using premium German stainless steel. A pleasure to use, they will take pride of place on any kitchen counter. Ergonomic comfort-grip handles Set of 11 The perfect gift for the pro-chef in your life Stay sharp time and time again – guaranteed! Precise, safe and controlled cutting With Bonus Miracle Blade Slicer

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    Air Climber Burn More Calories Fast 02:13

    Air Climber Burn More Calories Fast

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 3,592 views

    Burn fat and tone up! With every step air flows from pedal to pedal. The bellows inflate and eliminate the jarring and pounding impact on your body. This same air power lifts your legs to help keep you moving so you’ll burn more calories, for incredible results fast. It comes fully assembled, simply press the dial to inflate the bellows - and away you go! Use the power bands for an all-round upper body workout with resistance training. Includes; Air Climber Unit Personal Training Computer with battery Owners Manual & Training guide Eat Right Teduced Fat & Calorie Eating Plan Jumpstart 10 day rapid weight loss meal plan

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    Bobble Off Make Cloth Look New Again. 02:40

    Bobble Off Make Cloth Look New Again.

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 1,327 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=bobble+off Don’t bin your favourite cardi yet! Give those worn-down jumpers and scarves a new lease of life. Bobble Off’s protected blades rotate to clean away unsightly lints, bobbles and fuzzies with ease. And the removable see-through lint trap lets you see how well it’s working! The perfect way to revive fabrics and make your clothes look new again. Make clothes look new again Simple and safe to use Great for soft furnishings With removable see-through lint trap Batteries not included

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    Rubber Groom Mitt, Pet Grooming

    Rubber Groom Mitt, Pet Grooming

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 710 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=groom+mitt The Groomitt from JML makes grooming your pet fast, easy and hygienic. The Rubber Grooming Mitt Offers An Alternative For General Purpose. Ideal For Use At Bathtime.

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    LED Spot Lights Energy Efficient Bulbs 01:32

    LED Spot Lights Energy Efficient Bulbs

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 1,953 views

    led spot light Battery operated and so easy to install, these great lights bring practical yet contemporary lighting to virtually anywhere around your home! Shelves, cupboards, the kitchen or bathroom … simply stick and click-on these ingenious spotlights to give your living space an instant lift! Long-lasting, versatile, stylish and no wiring or drilling required. What could be simpler! Energy efficient bulbs No drilling or wiring required Simply push to turn on Includes 3 LED Spotlights 3xAAA battery required for each LED Spotlight, batteries not included Pack includes 12 LED spotlights

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    Halogen Oven 01:16

    Halogen Oven

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 8,050 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=Halogen+Oven Taking the stress out of your culinary chaos, Halogen Oven means delicious, even cooking every time, delivering that great oven-baked taste with all the speed of a microwave. It even drains away fat for a healthier Christmas lunch. Get the extra oven space you’ll be desperate for this year. Cook, bake and grill almost any festive food to absolute perfection. Energy efficient, portable oven Cooks 40% faster than a conventional oven Self cleaning function and built-in timer Variable temperature control “9/10” Sunday Mirror Halogen Oven Recipes and Info

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    Magic Table Cloth 01:51

    Magic Table Cloth

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 781 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=Magic+Table+Cloth Cranberry sauce, gravy, red wine – no problem! Make Christmas hassle free this year with the stain repelling power of Magic Table Cloth. Thanks to a special agent embedded into the weave of the fabric - this super-chic table cloth resists soaks and stains. With Spillguard technology Easy to clean and stays pristine! Liquid beads-off fabric Size =150 x 210 cm. Machine washable

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    Micro Grill - Turbo-Charged Grilling Machine 01:35

    Micro Grill - Turbo-Charged Grilling Machine

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 1,469 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=Micro+Grill The Micro Grill converts your microwave oven into a turbo-charged grilling machine, for food that tastes like it’s just came off the grill. All food is ready to serve in minutes - juicy steaks, crisp pizza, grilled fish and seafood, vegetables and even flaky pastries and desserts! For healthier meals, excess fats drain into Micro Grill’s convenient collection reservoir. Food ready to serve in minutes Cooks without oil Easy to clean and dishwasher safe Great to cook steak, kebabs, fish, bacon, pork chops, chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, turkey and peppers

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    Ped Egg - Forget Expensive Pedicures 01:14

    Ped Egg - Forget Expensive Pedicures

    by AutoGoFast (12/26/08) 7,150 views

    http://www.autogofast.com/productlist.php?q=Ped+Egg Ready-pedi-go! Forget expensive pedicures! For the smooth, beautiful feet you’ve always wanted, Ped Egg is the answer. Our unique foot file uses 135 precision micro-files to gently remove calluses and hard skin to reveal irresistible, baby soft feet. And it comes with two exfoliating buffing pads, for a baby-soft finish. Best of all, it collects shavings in the storage compartment for no mess and no fuss!

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