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    Connected Through Kisses (9) -- Ginnifer Goodwin to Reese Witherspoon 03:17

    Connected Through Kisses (9) -- Ginnifer Goodwin to Reese Witherspoon

    by Metacafe Affiliate U (11/16/09) 7,371 views

    ****NOTICE: I do not own or claim to own any media that is presented in this video. It is simply fan-made. All individual copyrights apply**** Ginnifer Goodwin kisses Justin Long in "He's Just Not That Into You" Justin Long kisses Lindsay Lohan in "Herbie Fully Loaded" Lindsay Lohan kisses Elijah Wood in "Bobby" Elijah Wood kisses Christina Ricci in "The Ice Storm" Christina Ricci kisses David Krumholtz in "Addams Family Values" David Krumholtz kisses Susan May Pratt in "10 Things I Hate About You" Susan May Pratt kisses Adrian Grenier in "Drive Me Crazy" Adrian Grenier kisses Anne Hathaway in "The Devil Wears Prada" Anne Hathaway kisses Hugh Dancy in "Ella Enchanted" Hugh Dancy kisses Isla Fisher in "Confessions of a Shopaholic Isla Fisher kisses Ryan Reynolds in "Definitely, Maybe" Ryan Reynolds kisses Kirsten Dunst in "Dick" Kirsten Dunst kisses Orlando Bloom in "Elizabethtown" Orlando Bloom kisses Kiera Knightly in "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" Kiera Knightly kisses James McAvoy in "Atonement" James McAvoy kisses Angelina Jolie in "Wanted" Angelina Jolie kisses Ryan Phillippe in "Playing by Heart" Ryan Phillippe kisses Reese Witherspoon in "Cruel Intentions"

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    Dont Miss the New RESTRICTED CLIP for THE UGLY TRUTH! In Theaters July 23 01:23

    Dont Miss the New RESTRICTED CLIP for THE UGLY TRUTH! In Theaters July 23

    by metaops (7/1/09) 154,995 views

    The battle of the sexes heats up in Columbia Pictures comedy The Ugly Truth. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. Shes in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her with Mike Chadway (Gerard Butler) a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick. In theaters July 23rd.

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    The Hangover (new Movie Trailer) 01:06

    The Hangover (new Movie Trailer)

    by DeFun (3/23/09) 9,814 views

    A Las Vegas-set comedy centered around three groomsmen who lose their about-to-be-wed buddy during their drunken misadventures, then must retrace their steps in order to find him.

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    World Record Secret - Part 1

    World Record Secret - Part 1

    by mahatmaelvis (3/22/09) 168,725 views

    An athlete uses an unexpected method to break the world record: take a ride with the virtual record line. Find out more at worldrecordsecret.com

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