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Industrial Training Channel

All industrial training videos. From Electrical training to PLC training, mechanical training and even Lean manufacturing training.


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    PLC Training and PAC Training 01:28

    PLC Training and PAC Training

    by BIN95 (4/15/13) 110 views

    A fun video pointing out a PLC is very different than a PAC. PLC = Programmable Logic Controller PAC=Programmable Automation Controller Both control all machines in all industries in every country as well as all infrastructure worldwide, but the PAC is a PLC combined with a computer to control much more.

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    Industrial Hydraulics Training Course 01:57

    Industrial Hydraulics Training Course

    by BIN95 (11/3/11) 136 views

    A tour of the Industrial Hydraulics Training Course at ... Full course covers hydraulic basics/principles and hydraulic components in explicit detail. The CBT provides detailed knowledge on various components like hydraulic pumps, actuators, directional valves, servo valves, flow control valves, pressure control valves, etc. The industrial hydraulic training program has a dedicated module that builds up a basic hydraulic circuit and gives an in-depth explanation on the relevance and co-ordination of the various hydraulic components.

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    Gas and Air Compressor Tutorial 02:10

    Gas and Air Compressor Tutorial

    by BIN95 (11/3/11) 77 views

    This is video tour of training software that covers most compressors types and compressors control systems in the industry.

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    How to Do Electrical Troubleshooting of Electrical Motor Control 08:11

    How to Do Electrical Troubleshooting of Electrical Motor Control

    by BIN95 (11/3/11) 148 views

    This video uses Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation software to teach you how to troubleshoot an electrical motor control circuit. At the end is just an example how our software uses realworld workorder system to track student while doing electrical troubleshooting with our simulation software, and the detailed analysis report. (helps student learn better ways to troubleshoot.)

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    Problem Solving for the Workplace 02:44

    Problem Solving for the Workplace

    by BIN95 (11/3/11) 47 views

    This is a sample of Problem Solving for the Workplace training video course. Full video covers Fishbone Diagram, 5 Whys & brainstorming techniques too. See

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    5S Lean Manufacturing Training 04:41

    5S Lean Manufacturing Training

    by BIN95 (11/3/11) 407 views

    Factory training that ensures the key concepts of 5S are communicated. The full video course takes employees through each stage of the 5S process from Sort through Sustain. This sample is just hte 'Sort' process of 5s lean. See for full video.

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    About PLC Analog Input Cards 01:41

    About PLC Analog Input Cards

    by BIN95 (9/7/09) 589 views

    Explanation of the PLC analog input card in a low resolution sample from DVD 6 of our PLC Training Video Library.This PLC analog input card example uses a 12 bit register to store analog input value.

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    Ladder Logic Programming Tutorial 01:47

    Ladder Logic Programming Tutorial

    by BIN95 (9/7/09) 4,089 views

    A Ladder Logic Programming Tutorial for a NOT instruction (Normally Closed) using a realworld application example. This type Ladder Logic Programming is also used in failsafe and interlock programming.

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