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Prepare to be amazed! Barely There presents the Amazing Bandini™ bra, helping magicians amaze and helping you dress fabulously every day of the week. The Bandini™ bra magically converts to wear many ways and comes in a variety of fun colors! No irritating seams, clasps or hooks to get in the way of your day. The Amazing Bandini™ bra is the perfect accessory for any wardrobe. How will you wear it?
  • 11 Jul 2011
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Welcome to the Barely There Dream Lab. Where by actually reading women’s minds, we have created the ultimate bra with all the features of their wildest dreams. The Dreamform bra.
  • 30 Apr 2011
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We had so much fun making our Bandini™ Bra Infomercial, we couldn't resist sharing the behind the scenes footage! Check out this video full of silly out takes of the models, staff and what all goes into the making of the commercial spoof!! See what it's like to be on the production set, how the models get the look, and much more.
  • 4 Aug 2010
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Tired of ordinary bras that limit your wardrobe choices causing a daily outfit crisis? Tired or bras that are even too restrictive for Houdini? It's time to try the The Bandini™ Bra Free yourself from same old same old. The Bandini™ Bra can be worn in so many ways! In fact, it is estimated that in every 7.35 seconds a new way to wear The Bandini™ Bra discovered. The Bandini™ Bra is all one piece. No sharp hooks or clasps to irritate and it comes in a rainbow of colors so you can layer them to customize your look. Try doing THAT with any other bra. The Bandini™ Bra is the ultimate wardrobe accessory!
  • 22 Jul 2010
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