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  • 27 Oct 2008
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The Turning Point Chris Curtis Riveting characters, and superb suspense, TTP tells the unpredictable paths our lives take. Mystery, magic, and heart-stirring moments, The Turning Point will truly move you. Following the brutal murder of his parents when he was only five years old, Jadon West is sent to live with his uncle in Redding, California, a far cry from England, the place of his birth. Living in the land of celebrities and motion pictures makes him yearn to become a Hollywood director. After graduating from high school, Jadon hopes to land a job allowing him to save enough money to attend UCLA. Jadon is soon hired as a butler at a beautiful, Californian estate in a town called Diamond Lake. On his first day of the job, he is delighted with the elegant mansion, the servants, and Mrs. Eden, the owner of the house. But to his surprise, there is one facet of this seemingly normal life that doesn’t make sense. One room in the house must remain locked at all times-and Jadon is forbidden to enter it. Curiosity gets the best of him, however, and Jadon sneaks into the room only to unearth suspicious clues as to Mrs. Eden’s true identity-along with some mysterious objects that appear to be used for magic rituals. Just what has he gotten himself into? He’s about to find out…
  • 12 Sep 2009
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