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    Business Anniversary

    Business Anniversary

    by Bill Olen (4/1/10) 157 views

    Today Misty and I celebrate our fifth anniversary in business together, and this morning I was inspired by a great article by Clay Shirky -- The Collapse of Complex Business Models.

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    Mobile Media Marketing in Realtime, Near Realtime, and Not Re... 01:26

    Mobile Media Marketing in Realtime, Near Realtime, and Not Re...

    by Bill Olen (2/28/10) 6 views

    Here at http://microchunk.tv/ in the six months or so that we've had our 3GS iPhones, we have experimented a few times with unedited realtime video broadcasting by way of http://www.ustream.tv/ ; shot, cropped, and shared many near realtime videos by way of http://twitter.com/ ; and shot, edited, and distributed several not realtime videos through http://www.tubemogul.com/ . Realtime is ideal for the moment, near real time is ideal for the event, and not real time is ideal for a longer story. But all three can be shot and viewed on a mobile device, and have a place in Mobile Media Marketing. Music: Kevin MacLeod

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    by Bill Olen (12/27/09) 2 views

    There is no place like home for the holidays, but we are grateful for the many trips we have taken over the last five years. Take a look! Music by Kevin MacLeod

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    Monterey To Auburn

    Monterey To Auburn

    by Bill Olen (12/4/09) 6 views

    We woke up in Monterey, CA to sunny skies and cold air. The waves were high, but the traffic on the way home to Auburn, CA was light.

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    Monterey Bay Aquarium 01:30

    Monterey Bay Aquarium

    by Bill Olen (12/3/09) 40 views

    Last Saturday we visited the http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/ and had a great time. The Secret Lives of Seahorses and Kelp Forest were my favorites. And it all brought back memories of http://microchunk.tv/2006/12/26/moody-gardens-feeding-time/.

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    Monterey Drive 01:36

    Monterey Drive

    by Bill Olen (12/1/09) 14 views

    It was mostly windy and rainy, but last Friday we drove down to Monterey, CA. It went pretty smoothly, and we were happy to see the ocean again.

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    Bear River Brats

    Bear River Brats

    by Bill Olen (10/26/09) 29 views

    Yesterday the whole family went down to the Bear River and grilled up some brats for lunch.

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    Pier Jump

    Pier Jump

    by Bill Olen (10/3/09) 390 views

    WARNING! Kids, don't do this at home. This is a trained professional under parental supervision!

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    Pier Pan

    Pier Pan

    by Bill Olen (10/1/09) 25 views

    On the pier into Lake Tahoe, by the Pine Lodge (Ehrman Mansion), at the Sugar Pine Point State Park, in Tahoma, CA, we took a look around.

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