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    Honour Each Day 01:20

    Honour Each Day

    by BiteDeeper (5/11/12) 5 views

    In a flash, the opportunity to honour my mother in the way I had hoped for, was gone. However, there will always be other ways I can still honour my mum, as God's mercies are new each day.

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    ANZAC Day 2012 (The Last Post) 01:46

    ANZAC Day 2012 (The Last Post)

    by BiteDeeper (4/26/12) 28 views

    We rightly say 'lest we forget' for the sacrifice that men and women have made for our lives. How much more should we remember the sacrifice that Jesus paid for our eternal soul?

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    How People Think I Drive 01:30

    How People Think I Drive

    by BiteDeeper (4/2/12) 22 views

    Six Funny motion clips show How People think 'You' Drive, including how You really Drive! Our actions while driving can lead to how some people may judge our character, rightly or wrongly. But, importantly, God sees right through our actions and to our hearts intentions 24/7. 1 Samuel 16:7 AMCOS Licence under APRA to use Music CVC PTY LTD. Content Creator Lee Keenan