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    Chav Hunting 05:16

    Chav Hunting

    by Blackearache (7/1/07) 1,996 views

    Darkest Cupboard Studios present Chav Hunting! This is basically us following a group of chavy Londoners on a ferry. With a camcorder of more... course! You may think it's a bit cruel but it's actually quite amusing! Do note the fact this was filmed 3 years ago and I don't sound anything like that anymore! I'm filming and saying 'The red light means it's off' and all that! Look how short my hair was! =0 And sorry about the poor video quality! It does that for some of my videos whenever I upload them! Many apologizesnessness! This is one of the most popular chav hunting vids on YouTube!

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    What We've Got 02:02

    What We've Got

    by Blackearache (4/15/07) 398 views

    As I introduce myself to Metacafe, I will show you a preview of what I've got instore for you lot! Say hello to Darkest Cupboard Studios (DCS)!