The following is a clip from the Award Winning Marching Band film, From The 50 Yard Line. Now available on dvd. www.FromThe50YardLine**** The film follows the Centerville High School Marching Band, of Ohio, from Band Camp to National Competition. The following clip is from practice where a student falls and almost causes a chain reaction.
  • 23 Nov 2008
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The following is a segment from the award winning Marching Band Film, From The 50 Yard Line. Cheerleaders at Centerville High School in Centerville Ohio comment about their feelings about the drummers in the marching band. The video ends with an incredible drum maneuver that drives the crowd wild ! See more about the film at www.FromThe50YardLine****
  • 2 Nov 2008
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The Award Winning Marching Band Movie - "From The 50 Yard Line". Trailer to be used at Bands of America events. DVD Now Available. www.FromThe50YardLine****/DVD.html
  • 18 Jan 2009
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Scene from the Award Winning Marching Band Film, From The 50 Yard Line. Now Available on DVD. How well does the general public know basic band terminology ?? We hit the streets to find out. See 3 more bandology segments in the film, From The 50 Yard Line, including: Battery, 8 to 5 and The Pit. See more about this amazing film at www.FromThe50YardLine****
  • 27 Apr 2009
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