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    CurationSoft Review (Polish) 04:09

    CurationSoft Review (Polish)

    by Blogsuccess (8/31/11) 7 views - One of our customers has just created a Polish language review of CurationSoft. This is great news for our blogger friends over at Poland. Enjoy!

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    CurationSoft - How It Works 06:17

    CurationSoft - How It Works

    by Blogsuccess (8/30/11) 10 views Software is no fun unless it does a big thing with ease. CurationSoft does a very big thing while being just about the easiest thing you’ve learned since Angry Birds!

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    Social Curation on Google+ 01:42

    Social Curation on Google+

    by Blogsuccess (8/30/11) 31 views CurationSoft makes it easy to surface great content to share on your social networks and grow your following. On Google+, curation is just a matter of typing a keyword, clicking search, and opening up a vast universe of relevant content you can just drag and drop into your stream!

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    Creating A Curated Post With CurationSoft 08:19

    Creating A Curated Post With CurationSoft

    by Blogsuccess (8/30/11) 7 views CurationSoft allows bloggers to focus on creating great posts without all the back-and-forth of copying, pasting, and having a gazillion open tabs. It takes the pain out of creating great mashups that are filled with content your visitors are looking for. It also enables bloggers to have more time to post more often, giving you more potential search rankings and a more loyal following. How fast could your business grow if more people started coming to you for the news in your niche?

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    Webinar Replay Video Marketing Week 1 37:17

    Webinar Replay Video Marketing Week 1

    by Blogsuccess (6/17/11) 6 views This is the webinar replay that covered week 1 of video marketing. During the webinar Jack talked about asking people to vote on your video. Let them know you need them to watch it all the way through, vote for it and add a comment on it too. Google tracks and watches how long people watch a video and how far into a video people go so its important they watch it all the way through. You need to get people to do all 3 - vote, comment (using a keyword) and watch as often as you change.

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    10 30 Blog Webinar Replay 50:41

    10 30 Blog Webinar Replay

    by Blogsuccess (6/17/11) 4 views This webinar was specifically for 10 30 bloggers but also contains some great content from Jack that everyone will benefit from listening to so take a listen. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them in the forum.

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    PLR Webinar Weeks 2 and 3 Replay 10:28

    PLR Webinar Weeks 2 and 3 Replay

    by Blogsuccess (6/17/11) 6 views We have been experiencing trouble with the webinar system over the last two weeks and last week's webinar with Jack and this week with Peter were not recorded well enough to share so instead I have created a video for you based on the presentation Peter gave last night.

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    10 30 Webinar Replay 1 42:17

    10 30 Webinar Replay 1

    by Blogsuccess (6/17/11) 8 views This video is useful for all 10 30 bloggers who are looking at managing the 10 blogs. Our aim is to run them when enough people request one so if you want help with anything else start a new forum posts and if we get enough people asking for the same thing we can arrange that for you. As things develop with 10 30 or if there is anything new we think you might want to know we will run additional webinars at that time.

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    How To Use Amplify For FREE Traffic 50:17

    How To Use Amplify For FREE Traffic

    by Blogsuccess (6/17/11) 6 views Here is the replay of our Monday webinar that focused on how to get traffic with Amplify. What is Amplify? It is a blog and a social site that works like Clipmarks. It provides you with an "Amp log" so you can go around the web and log important information you want other people to know about. Amplify is a service for starting and taking part in conversations about information of interest around the web. You get to become the "information overlord" among your followers by highlighting relevant paragraphs, video, images and content of value that starts a conversation.Your aim is to make your Amplify site THE default place to go for people looking for information on your niche.

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