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  • 1 # 33 - 语言点 Biz - at the Exhibition 04:02 # 33 - 语言点 Biz - at the Exhibition

    by BoydJones (5/2/09) 55 views

    AT THE EXHIBITION A: Hello sir! Welcome. B: Uhm… A: My name is Johnny Chen. Is there anything I could do for you? B: Uhm… Tell me more about your product? A: With pleasure! We at China Tech manufacture and sell mobile phone handsets. We support many standards and have many designs and colors as you can see here. B: OK. But what about price? A: Price? Well, why don’t you sit down, let me get you some excellent Chinese tea and we can discuss in detail? B: Chinese tea? Why sure! Thank you. A: The pleasure is all mine good sir.

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    Taiwan's Tantilizing TiT Townhouses

    Taiwan's Tantilizing TiT Townhouses

    by BoydJones (7/14/08) 2,286 views

    I can think of few places in the world besides Taiwan that would market a residential apartment complex entitled TiT -- Town in Town. Are they being coy or just didn't bother to ask any random foreigner what tit means? Or to just look it up in the dictionary?

  • 8 #27 - 语言点 Biz - 商业英文第27课 - New Year's Resolutions 01:36 #27 - 语言点 Biz - 商业英文第27课 - New Year's Resolutions

    by BoydJones (7/8/08) 674 views

    Key phrase: New Year's resolutions to make New Year's resolutions Example conversation: Fred: Hi John, how are you? John: Great Fred. Happy New Year! Fred: Happy New Year to you too! John: So, Fred, what are your New Year's resolutions? Fred: Well, I have made a resolution to lose weight and to be more efficient here at work. How about you? John: My resolution is to learn a new language. I think I am going to try to learn Chinese. Fred: Chinese? That's very difficult! John: Yes, I think so. But I am going to try my best. Fred: OK, well, Happy New Year again! John: Same to you!

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    Beetle Nut Princesses

    Beetle Nut Princesses

    by BoydJones (7/8/08) 1,106 views

    In Taiwan, the semi-narcotic beetle nut is sold by scantily clad girls from their neon-lit glass booths on streetside. Working class men in Taiwan enjoy the eye candy and purchase the nut for a coffee-like high before work or driving, etc.

  • 10 #29 - 语言点 Biz - Empowerment 02:30 #29 - 语言点 Biz - Empowerment

    by BoydJones (5/26/08) 210 views

    Key phrases: to empower empowerment employee empowerment employee empowerment policy ownership organizational behavior human resources Example sentences: We really need to empower our workers to do the task / work. Who owns this project?

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