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    Don't Say Lazy, Genesis'd 01:35

    Don't Say Lazy, Genesis'd

    by BryantEtta8362 (11/18/10) 5 views

    Download Link File: This is of course a YM2612 FM Synth version of the ED theme from the ridiculously popular anime K-On! I rather like how it turned out overall, if a bit typical of my style in general.

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    Angry Rocket

    Angry Rocket

    by BryantEtta8362 (11/18/10) 12 views

    Download Link File: The Rocket didn't like it's owner so it turned on him :O. If you have a funny clip you would like us to upload send us a message saying Your Gamertag, the file link (must be uploaded to mega upload) And your Youtube name. If you don't have a Capture Card and you have a funny clip send us a message saying you Gamertage, The file name in your file share and your Youtube name and we will recored it for you. =] This clip is by Me (ProjectFlynn) If you would like to subscribe to my channel the link is below.

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    Spaceship in Halo3???

    Spaceship in Halo3???

    by BryantEtta8362 (11/18/10) 8 views

    Download Link File: Trying to go to the moon was never so much fun :D This clip was from my Friend EyE Dan. He does not have a Youtube to my Knowledge. Werre going to be holding a competition to see how can do this map we found sooo. Thanks For Watching =]

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    Mongoose Wheelie and Remix

    Mongoose Wheelie and Remix

    by BryantEtta8362 (11/18/10) 9 views

    Download Link File: I tought this was abit funny and then i got the idea to do a small remix thng to it and i think its quick funny =L The guy doing the Wheelie is my friend Sam, And the Remix was by Me (ProjectFlynn)

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    Cat Thrown in Bin by Complete Stranger 01:06

    Cat Thrown in Bin by Complete Stranger

    by BryantEtta8362 (11/18/10) 10 views

    Download Link File: This is the shocking moment a middle-aged woman picks up a cat - and stuffs it into a WHEELIE-BIN. The terrified cat, a four-year-old tabby called Lola, was trapped in the bin for 15 hours before her owners finally found her. Owner Darryl, 26, a mobile phone repair man, said: I'd like to know how she would feel if she was stuck in a bin for 15 hours without food or drink.

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    Update and HaloComedyZone 01:08

    Update and HaloComedyZone

    by BryantEtta8362 (11/18/10) 6 views

    Download Link File: Just a quick update. HaloComedyZone is a I made a few days ago. We upload an funny clips you have on Halo and we also recored your clips for you if you don't have a Capture Card.

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    Commando Hijack

    Commando Hijack

    by BryantEtta8362 (11/18/10) 19 views

    Download Link File: Oooooow Yaa This is how to hijack. Like a Spaceman ;D This clip was from TinyTigerProductions. He is a member of HaloComedyZone and he desivers every Subscriber he gets. Go Subscribe to his Channel.

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