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Captivate and energize your trainees and students, with customizable training game software templates from C3 SoftWorks! Creating powerful and effective training games is a snap -- Simply add your content and play.
  • 12 May 2009
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This short video will give you a look at BRAVO! training game software for the classroom and web. You will get a unique and quick look at one of the premier game show software that will easily allow you to add your own content so you can create your own training games. *******www.c3softworks****
  • 31 Mar 2009
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In this video, we explore the use of classroom training games to teach any subject and reach any audience. Using popular game show software as our example, we’ll show you how powerful an educational game can be as a content delivery vehicle (in the classroom, or over the web). Whether you’re using quiz game for training, or any other type of teaching game, this video tutorial offers valuable tips and techniques for more effective instruction.
  • 17 Mar 2009
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A lively exploration of classroom training games as a vehicle for effectively delivering training content. This talk offers an engaging alternative to PowerPoint as a educational tool. Learn how you can use a training game to teach just about any topic. Classroom Games that provide a method of content delivery that will energize your instruction and motivate your students. Learn how to use gameshow software to teach just about any topic. www.c3SoftWorks****
  • 7 Feb 2009
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