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    Themepark 1984 Trailer 01:34

    Themepark 1984 Trailer

    by Caachi (2/25/09) 76 views

    BUY IT: - "Themepark 1984" reveals what North Korea is as of 2008 through the eyes of a Westerner and his acerbic and at times condemning commentary.

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    Debate Team Trailer 02:07

    Debate Team Trailer

    by Caachi (2/25/09) 416 views

    BUY IT: - Documentary exploring the strange subculture of competitive college debating. Competitors battle at 360 words per minute, hauling around mountains of evidence called "cards" and nearly every debate ends in global nuclear annihilation.

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    Children of Congo Trailer 04:50

    Children of Congo Trailer

    by Caachi (2/25/09) 216 views

    BUY IT: - In the brutal war in Congo where over five million people have died in the past decade, children have endured the brunt of the suffering. "Children of Congo" documents the plight of street children living in Kinshasa and confirms the wide-spread accusations of child witchcraft, torture and child prostitution. The film also examines the efforts to reintegrate demobilized child soldiers, displaced refugees, and orphaned children following the eruption of the massive Nyiragongo volcano, near the city of Goma in Eastern Congo. These heroic efforts are finally bringing some measure of hope and stability to the lives of the Congolese people.

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    Trailer for 02:08

    Trailer for "4"

    by Caachi (2/2/09) 61 views - Four violinists in four different corners of the globe perform one of the world’s most beloved pieces: Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons."

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    The Storytellers Trailer 07:05

    The Storytellers Trailer

    by Caachi (2/2/09) 45 views - After learning his free ride is over living off of his grandmother, Kris Kringle has to quit school and go to any length, (including representing himself as a writer) to sell, peddle and promote the scripts written by his grandmother. A great comedy of movie writing, agents, studio executives, and the world of Hollywood.

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    The Fallen Trailer 03:34

    The Fallen Trailer

    by Caachi (2/2/09) 1,425 views - Ari Taub's gritty World War II drama, set after the tide had turned on the Axis powers in 1944, chronicles the conflict through the eyes of an ill-fated unit of German soldiers, their disheveled Italian allies, and an American supply group. Shot on location in Italy and the United States, the film boasts a unique cinematic style that evokes the feeling of authentic newsreel footage, focusing on the drama of human emotion rather than the spectacle of violent warfare.

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    Little Heroes 02:12

    Little Heroes

    by Caachi (2/2/09) 269 views - A spirited young girl and her beloved dog teach an entire town the true meaning of courage in the heartwarming adventure for the entire family. Charlie Wilson and her closest friend and loyal family dog, Fuzz, must perform a miraculous rescue showing that with a little courage and a lot of heart, heroes come in all sizes.

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    A Dog's Tale Trailer 02:06

    A Dog's Tale Trailer

    by Caachi (2/2/09) 227 views - Magic and the amazing power of a boy's wish put young Tim Webster in the Dog House for Christmas! It seems that anything is possible once the Professor arrives in town with his colorful and ragged band of rail-riding wayfarers. When the professor tells Tim about a legendary supernova that is due to appear in the night sky for only a few seconds and the amazing power that it brings - to grant any wish - Tim knows he'll finally get the dog he's been wanting. Unfortunately, when things don't go as planned, Tim finds himself with a fur coat, wagging tail, wet nose, and four paws.

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    Seeds of Summer Trailer 02:08

    Seeds of Summer Trailer

    by Caachi (2/2/09) 380 views - At an army base in the heart of Israel's southern desert two young female military recruits make the transformation from fragile, vulnerable young girls to confident soldiers and fierce fighters.

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    Fair Play Trailer 02:08

    Fair Play Trailer

    by Caachi (2/2/09) 132 views - A troupe of actors--most with learning disabilities--confront the challenges of being different, while rehearsing "The Choice," an acclaimed play about abortion.

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