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    ★ Keiko's Pizza ★ 03:39

    ★ Keiko's Pizza ★

    by CakeLover2000 (5/12/12) 7 views (CLICK to download the full guide) I bake cakes and make desserts in the bakery every day... But at home I also make pizza. :-) Here's my pizza recipe: Download the guide and make fresh pizza in your own kitchen! What's your favourite topping?

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    Easy Recipe ★ Red Berry Trifle ★

    Easy Recipe ★ Red Berry Trifle ★

    by CakeLover2000 (9/11/11) 31 views

    Download the full recipe with detailed step-by-step instructions here: The red berry trifle is a fruity summer dessert. It's really easy to make and the different layers look nice in a transparent bowl... Enjoy! :)

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    Cupcakes (by PastryFriend) 02:29

    Cupcakes (by PastryFriend)

    by CakeLover2000 (12/20/10) 81 views – Cupcakes with flower topping. Here you see how I prepare the flower decorations for my cupcakes. I use buttercream (mix of whipped butter and meringue) for the topping. There are endless ways to decorate cupcakes… just listen to your imagination. :-) For more pastry fun, subscribe to my newsletter at

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    Strawberry Shortcake 02:32

    Strawberry Shortcake

    by CakeLover2000 (8/15/10) 169 views -Here's my strawberry shortcake. Do you want to try it? Just Follow the steps at the end of the video to get the full step-by-step instructions and a more detailed video about the strawberry shortcake recipe... (it's free). :D

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    Japan Pastry 02:26

    Japan Pastry

    by CakeLover2000 (7/23/10) 86 views - Some impressions from my recent trip to Japan. You see typical bakeries, patissier shops and cakes. The traditional Japanese style "pastry" (called wagashi) is not shown, though. Japanese people like French patisserie... :)

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    Choux Pastry: Profiteroles Dessert 04:23

    Choux Pastry: Profiteroles Dessert

    by CakeLover2000 (4/18/10) 558 views

    Get my "Perfect Cream Puffs" recipe at -- This is the recipe I use for the profiteroles. Fill them with any creams (whipped heavy cream, caramel cream) and combine with vanilla ice, chocolate and orange sauce... Yummy! :-)

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    Eclair Recipe - How to Make Perfect Eclairs 04:50

    Eclair Recipe - How to Make Perfect Eclairs

    by CakeLover2000 (2/20/10) 1,974 views - For eight eclairs, you'll need roughly 350-400g choux pastry (dough) and 500g pastry cream. You find both in my "Cream Puffs" recipe ebook that you can download for FREE at - Happy baking! :-D

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    Panna Cotta Recipe - PastryFriends 04:42

    Panna Cotta Recipe - PastryFriends

    by CakeLover2000 (1/14/10) 338 views - Here is my panna cotta recipe. I show you two easy dessert variations. Just follow the link to get the full panna cotta recipe... it's free. :D

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