Captain MonZ's WorLD of Love Songs And More...

Captain MonZ's WorLD of Love Songs And More...

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    Perfect Moment 03:52

    Perfect Moment

    by Captain MonZ (11/30/09) 418 views

    Requested by my sexy & byutiful ate naks! Ate Mhelanin (joeymhelmarkjustyn)... its better late than never happy anniversary hehehe totoink! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Perfect Moment" is a song originally recorded by Polish singer Edyta Górniak in 1997 but the best known version is by English actress Martine McCutcheon that reached number one in the UK in 1999. It was McCutcheon's first single in which she launched a music career after leaving BBC soap EastEnders. It also reached the top of the charts in Israel, Italy, Switzerland & Ireland. It is from her album You Me & Us. The music video was filmed in New York City, USA.

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    I'm Coming Home 03:52

    I'm Coming Home

    by Captain MonZ (11/24/09) 810 views

    Special Dedication to one of my beloved brother here in YT...bro gwaps (aarontrinidad)... One of my personal favorite too... pls enjoy!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From the album entitled "The Last Romance" by Birtles & Goble, released in 1979. Graeham George Goble (born 15 May 1947 in Adelaide, Australia)[1] is a musician, singer/songwriter and record producer, best known as a founding member of rock performers Little River Band (LRB). As a performer, Goble was responsible for the vocal arrangements and high harmonies on eleven studio albums and numerous Top 10 singles with LRB. As a songwriter he penned songs like "Reminiscing", "Lady", "Take It Easy On Me" and "The Other Guy" each played millions of times on radio.[1] As a producer, Goble's credits include John Farnham's Uncovered album and his own catalog of recordings. Goble is a keen student of concepts such as spirituality; he changed his first name from Graham to Graeham as a consequence of his interest in numerology and feng shui. Beeb Birtles (born Gerard Bertelkamp, 28 November 1948, in Amsterdam, Netherlands), is a Dutch / Australian musician, most famous as one of the founding members of the Little River Band. His parents emigrated to Australia with Bertelkamp in 1957, settling in Adelaide. He discovered a passion for music while in high school. During his high school days, he was nicknamed "BB Eyes," after a Dick Tracy character, which shortly thereafter became "BB". After high school, he formed his first band, Zoot, moving to Melbourne. At this time, he adopted his professional name; bandmate Darryl Cotton shortened his nickname to "Beeb," and he Anglicized the first two syllables of his legal surname to "Birtles." Zoot broke up in 1971, and Birtles and Cotton performed together as Frieze for a year. Then, in 1972, Birtles was asked to join the band Mississippi, which like Zoot had moved from Adelaide to Melbourne. After Mississippi disbanded in 1975, band members Birtles, Graeham Goble, and Derek Pellicci, recruited Glenn Shorrock and Rick Formosa, plus manager Glenn Wheatley, and formed the Little River Band. After a run of major international success in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Birtles left the Little River Band (LRB) in 1983. In the meantime, he had married the former Donna Brucks, an American who was the assistant to LRB's booking agent, in 1979. They settled in Melbourne and eventually had two daughters, Hannah and Emmie. During this period Birtles produced a number of albums, including the Steve Grace record Children Of The Western World, the first Australian Christian artist album to be certified gold. In 1992, Birtles moved to the U.S. with his wife and children. They briefly settled in Donna's hometown of Jefferson City, Missouri before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, where he and his wife still live (both daughters have since graduated from college in the U.S.). In 1998 Birtles and Bill Cuomo established Sonic Sorbet, a music production company. Sonic Sorbet has produced albums for a number of recording artists, including Birtles' first solo album Driven by Dreams, released in 2000. Birtles continues to write music, and performs with Goble and Shorrock as Birtles Shorrock Goble: The Original Voices of the Little River Band.

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    Old Photographs 04:50

    Old Photographs

    by Captain MonZ (11/22/09) 350 views

    Requested by suzieification...pls. enjoy!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nicola James "Jim" Capaldi (2 August 1944 28 January 2005) was an English musician and songwriter and a founding member of Traffic. He drummed with several famous singers and musicians, including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Alvin Lee, and Mylon LeFevre. Capaldi was born Nicola James Capaldi in Evesham, Worcestershire, England to Italian immigrant parents, Nick and Maria Capaldi. His younger brother Phil, born 1 February 1949, also plays the drums professionally as a full time member of "Joe Brown's Bruvvers". Jim Capaldi's musical career lasted more than four decades. He co-founded Traffic in Birmingham with Steve Winwood and the band's psychedelic rock was influential in Britain and the United States. Capaldi and Winwood wrote many of Traffic's major hits and most of the tracks on the band's ten albums.

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    Wuthering Heights 03:47

    Wuthering Heights

    by Captain MonZ (11/16/09) 304 views

    Requested by my good friend WithMyLittleSpoon...pls. enjoy!!! 16:34, 22 November 2009 (UTC)16:34, 22 November 2009 (UTC)16:34, 22 November 2009 (UTC)16:34, 22 November 2009 (UTC)16:34, 22 November 2009 (UTC)16:34, 22 November 2009 (UTC)16:34, 22 November 2009 (UTC)[[User:Wikicafe

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    Miss You Like Crazy 03:54

    Miss You Like Crazy

    by Captain MonZ (11/14/09) 2,699 views

    Requested by myfavluvsongs...pls. enjoy!!! 17:11, 14 November 2009 (UTC)17:11, 14 November 2009 (UTC)17:11, 14 November 2009 (UTC)17:11, 14 November 2009 (UTC)17:11, 14 November 2009 (UTC)17:11, 14 November 2009 (UTC) "Miss You Like Crazy" is a song recorded by Natalie Cole and released in 1989 from her album Good to Be Back. It was a huge hit for Cole, becoming her fifth Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where the song peaked at #7. The song also topped both the R&B and adult contemporary charts in 1989, as well as reaching #2 on the UK Singles Chart. The song is a moving ballad where the singer describes how she is feeling lonely and is longing for the one she misses "like crazy" (or, in other words, very much). Natalie Cole (born Natalie Maria Cole; February 6, 1950) is an American singer, songwriter and performer. She achieved success in her early career as an R&B star, but smoothly changed her repertoire toward a more pop and jazz oriented musical style in the early 1990s. She has won nine Grammy Awards.

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    It's Over Now 03:56

    It's Over Now

    by Captain MonZ (11/14/09) 1,785 views

    Requested by suchz79..pls. enjoy!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joey Albert is a highly-regarded Filipino pop and jazz singer, lyricist and composer. An alumna of St. Theresa's College Manila (primary education) and Assumption San Lorenzo (high school and college), Albert began her professional singing career in 1982, right after winning the Dream Girl Filipina contest in The Party, a television program hosted by Ariel Ureta over Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation-Channel 2 (now ABS-CBN Channel 2). Soon after, Albert became a member of the The New Minstrels, a popular Philippine show band during the 1970s and the 1980s. Aside from Albert, The New Minstrels also produced many other outstanding musical artists, including Louie Reyes, Chad Borja, Ray-Ann Fuentes, Rene Puno, Joseph Olfindo, Babes Conde, Eugene Villaluz, Ding Mercado, Cesar de la Fuente, Mei Ling Gozun, Juno Henares, Benjie Black, Jeffrey Koronel, Lito Gruet, Jaramy, Zoe Zuñiga, and Alynna. As a solo performer, Albert signed up initially with OctoArts International in 1984. Her first single, Gerry Paraiso's Over and Over (recorded January 1984), enjoyed tremendous airplay in local and national radio stations. Immediately after, OctoArts International released Louie Ocampo and Allan Ayque's Tell Me. The song became a major hit. For Tell Me, Albert received a Gold Record Award from the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry. Subsequently, Albert received the Best Female Vocalist trophy during the 1985 Cecil Awards, the Philippine Music Industry Awards during the 1980s.Tell Me also established Albert as a major Filipino musical artist. The song proved to be very popular with other musical artists as well as generations of Filipino music lovers. Over the years, cover versions of the song have been released by Rico J. Puno (1984), Janet Arnaiz (1991), Lea Salonga (1992), Side A (2001), Joselito Pasucal (2001), Zsa Zsa Padilla (2001), Lloyd Umali (2002), and Ariel Rivera and Regine Velasquez (2003). Albert also recorded two versions of the hit song, in 1984, and 2007. Aside from Over and over and Tell me, Albert's self-titled debut album also produced another hit, Robert More's A Million Miles Away. Say You're Mine, on the other hand, predated the acoustic trend in the Philippines. Albert completed five more albums for OctoArts International: Touch of Love (1984), Expressions (1985), Joey (1986), Maligayang Pasko (1987), and Mixed Emotions (1988). These albums produced many hits, including Louie Ocampo-Freddie Santos collaborations like Memories (recorded January 1984), Points of View (duet with Pops Fernandez, recorded January 1984) and Yakapin mo ako (recorded November 1985). Other hits included Jose Mari Chan's I remember the boy (recorded November 1985), Louie Ocampo and Jim Millbower's Without you (recorded November 1986), Louie Ocampo and Joey Albert's Ikaw lang ang mamahalin (recorded November 1986), Ray-Ann Fuentes's Porma ng porma (recorded September 1988), Tony Perez and Allan Ayque's Back in my arms (recorded September 1988), Louie Ocampo, Joey Albert and Janice de Belen's It's over now (recorded November 1985), Louie Ocampo and Joey Albert's You threw it all away (recorded November 1986) and Sunny Ilacad and Joey Albert's Na sabihin mo (recorded November 1985). Albert moved to Dyna products Inc. in 1990. Her self-titled album for the company included commercial and artistic hits like Luigi de Dios and Rina Caniza's Only a mem'ry and Roses in the rain, Paola Luz's How can I make you see, Joey Albert's Paano Sasabihin, Archie Castillo and Onie Zamora's Sa akong pagbabalik, and Danny Tan and Jose Javier Reyes' Iisa pa lamang. During the 1990 Awit Awards, Albert received twin nominations as Best Female Vocalist of the Year for Only a mem'ry and Iisa pa lamang. She won for Only a mem'ry. Meanwhile, Iisa pa lamang reached gold and platinum status. It also became the theme song of a movie produced by Regal Films, directed by Jose Javier Reyes in 1992. The movie featured Richard Gomez, Maricel Laxa and Dawn Zulueta as lead actors. Albert's other hits for Dyna included Luigi de Dios and Rina Caniza's Brief Encounter and Jose La Vina's Just for a while. Joey Albert's meteoric rise as a gifted musical artist was interrupted by serious illnesses. After surviving cancer of the uterus in 1995, Albert was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2003. She underwent a successful surgery in July 2003 and recovered after a series of chemotherapy. By October 2003, she was besieged with offers to sing again. But Albert had to complete rounds of chemotherapy until March 2004. Since 1994, Albert has been living in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada with her husband Vicente Pacis III and daughters Trixie and Margarita. Between her professional commitments as a performer, she also works as a pre-school teacher.

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    A Very Special Love Song 02:53

    A Very Special Love Song

    by Captain MonZ (11/12/09) 2,472 views

    Requested by my good friend David (PlsB9s)..pls. enjoy this very special love song....!!!! 21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC)21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC)21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC)21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC)21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC)21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC)21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC)21:09, 12 November 2009 (UTC) "A Very Special Love Song" is the title of a 1974 song by country music singer Charlie Rich. The song was written by Billy Sherrill and Norro Wilson, songwriters who had also written Rich's 1973 hit, "The Most Beautiful Girl". The song is included on Rich's 1974 album, Very Special Love Songs. Released as the follow-up single to "The Most Beautiful Girl", "A Very Special Love Song" nearly reached the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in April 1974, peaking at #11. The song was able to top two other Billboard charts that year, as it spent three weeks atop the country music chart and two weeks at the summit on the adult contemporary chart. This was the second of four chart-toppers Rich achieved on the Billboard AC chart. Songwriters Sherrill and Wilson won a Grammy Award for "A Very Special Love Song" in the category Best Country Song at the 1975 ceremony. French composer and pianist Michel Legrand's "The Summer Knows", the theme from the 1971 film Summer of '42, served as the musical inspiration for Rich's song. He was quoted by Billboard author Tom Roland as saying: "I don't think I stole from them all [sic], but that's my favorite theme of all time. There's not a similarity, and yet, you can understand what I was thinking about and where I was coming from." Country music singer Barbara Mandrell recorded a version of this song in 1974; hers was included on her album This Time I Almost Made It.

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    Every Breath You Take 04:24

    Every Breath You Take

    by Captain MonZ (11/9/09) 6,703 views

    Requested by milesaway1015...pls. enjoy!!! 11:24, 12 November 2009 (UTC)11:24, 12 November 2009 (UTC)11:24, 12 November 2009 (UTC)11:24, 12 November 2009 (UTC)11:24, 12 November 2009 (UTC)11:24, 12 November 2009 (UTC)11:24, 12 November 2009 (UTC) "Every Breath You Take" is a song by The Police on the band's 1983 album Synchronicity, written by Sting. The single was one of the biggest of 1983, topping the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for eight weeks and the UK Singles Chart for four weeks. It also topped the Billboard Top Tracks chart for nine weeks. Sting won Song of the Year and The Police won Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal at the Grammy Awards of 1984 for "Every Breath You Take". The song ranked #84 on the Rolling Stone list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and #25 on Billboard's Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs. The track was written during the collapse of Sting's marriage to Frances Tomelty; the lyrics are the words of a sinister, controlling character, who is watching "every breath you take; every move you make". I woke up in the middle of the night with that line in my head, sat down at the piano and had written it in half an hour. The tune itself is generic, an aggregate of hundreds of others, but the words are interesting. It sounds like a comforting love song. I didn't realise at the time how sinister it is. I think I was thinking of Big Brother, surveillance and control. —Sting Sting later said he was disconcerted by how many people think the song is more positive than it is. He insists it's about unrequited love (the song was written at the time he and his then wife divorced), about the obsession with the lost lover, the jealousy and surveillance that followed. "One couple told me 'Oh we love that song; it was the main song played at our wedding!' I thought, Well, good luck."[cite this quote] When asked why he appears angry in the music video Sting told BBC Radio 2, "I think the song is very, very sinister and ugly and people have misinterpreted it as being a gentle, little love song." According to the Back to Mono box-set book, "Every Breath You Take" is said to be influenced by a Gene Pitney song titled "Every Breath I Take". The song is composed in Classical rondo form with its ABACABA structure. The lyrics are very similar to the opening lines of a short story by science fiction author Judith Merrill titled "Whoever You Are". The chorus appears to borrow heavily from the Leo Sayer track, "More Than I Can Say", recorded a couple of years before. As Sting admits to borrowing ideas (see 'So Lonely - 'No woman no cry' link), this is feasible. (Steve Gad) The lyrics "Every breath I take" and "Every move I make", with the replacement of I with you, appear in the song "D'yer Mak'er" by Led Zeppelin. "Every Breath You Take" is played by Sting on double bass and lead vocals, Andy Summers on electric guitar, piano and backing vocals, Stewart Copeland on drums and backing vocals, and a group of four violinists. The demo of the song originally featured a synthesizer. While recording, Summers came up with a guitar part inspired by Béla Bartók that would later become a trademark lick, and played it straight through in one take. He was asked to put guitar onto what was to him an already finished song and just played what came to mind. As he finished his take, everyone in the control room burst into applause. The song has been covered by artists including UB40, Tina Arena, Juliana Hatfield, Millencolin, and Copeland. "Weird Al" Yankovic included a polka interpretation in his medley "Polkas on 45". Mexican singer Yuridia remade the song as "Siempre Te Amaré" for her covers album, Habla el Corazón. Also, a cover version of the song is used extensively in the 1985 film "Cat's Eye." The song was also covered in 2004 by UB40 for the "50 First Dates" Soundtrack. A cover by Mason Dixon reached #69 on the Hot Country Songs charts in 1983. Sting also riffs on the lyrics in his song Love Is the Seventh Wave, singing "Every breath you take/every move you make/every cake you bake/every leg you break..." In 1999, "Every Breath You Take" was listed as one of the Top 100 Songs of the Century by BMI.[7][8] In 2003, VH1 ranked the song the #2 greatest Break-up song of all time. And also as of 2003, Sting was still taking in an average of $2000 per day in royalties for the then 20-year-old song "Every Breath You Take." In October 2007, Sting was awarded a Million-Air certificate for 9 million airplays of "Every Breath You Take" at the prestigious BMI Awards show in London, England with only Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" a close second at 8 million air plays. This song was also featured by in October 2008 Nintendo music simulation game, Wii Music. The song's opening riff formed the basis for the Puff Daddy hit, I'll Be Missing You, a tribute to slain rapper [[The Notorious B.I.G.). When the song was played at that year's MTV Video Awards, Sting joined in alongside Puff Daddy and Faith Evans.

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    Burnin' Love 04:30

    Burnin' Love

    by Captain MonZ (11/7/09) 329 views

    A simple gift for one of my very sweet subscriber & a friend WithMyLittleSpoon in Celebrating her Birthday.... Happy Birthday My Friend... wishing you all the best in life... -=CaptaiN MonZ=- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong (born 25 December 1971 in London, United Kingdom) professionally known as Dido (pronounced /ˈdaɪdoʊ/ DYE-doe) is an English singer-songwriter who has sold nearly 30 million albums worldwide. Safe Trip Home (2008) Dido started working on her third album in October 2005 in Los Angeles. The album has been produced by Jon Brion and herself. Collaborators include Brian Eno, Questlove, Mick Fleetwood, Rollo Armstrong and Matt Chamberlain. Recording sessions were held at London's Abbey Road and at Jon Brion's home studio in Los Angeles. Dido's official website has been relaunched to coincide with the release of the album. The release of the album has been postponed several times, though no official reason has been given for this. The first single from the album, "Don't Believe in Love" leaked to the Internet on 5 September 2008 and was made available digitally on 27 October, 2008. The full album was leaked to the internet on the 1st November, 2008, some 16 days before its official launch date. On 13 November 2008, the full album was available for a world premier listening at iLike. On 22 August 2008, Dido's official website confirmed that the album was to be entitled Safe Trip Home, with the official release date of 17 November 2008. A free song from the album, "Look No Further" was available to download from the site for a limited time. Other songs to be included in the album are: "It Comes And It Goes", "The Day Before the Day", "Never Want To Say It's Love" and "Grafton Street". The latter was composed in collaboration with Brian Eno. The album cover features a photograph of astronaut Bruce McCandless II during a spacewalk, as part of space shuttle mission STS-41-B. I recorded my vocals next to the hoover in Jons broom cupboard. It was so small, there wasnt even room for a guitar: I got quite addicted to singing in there. —Dido, Interview in Q magazine. In December 2008, Dido's song "Lets Do The Things We Normally Do," was criticised by Gregory Campbell, MP for East Londonderry and Minister for Sports, Arts and Leisure for Northern Ireland, for referencing lyrics from a song, "The Men Behind the Wire which was written in the aftermath of the introduction of detention without trial for persons accused of being members of paramilitary groups. Campbell described "The Men Behind the Wire as, "written about people who were murderers, arsonists and terrorists". Campbell suggests that "she (Dido) should clarify her position so that her fans and the wider public knows where she stands on these things." The song has been rumoured to be inspired by the death of her father, William OMalley Armstrong. The album failed to be promoted as her previous efforts.

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