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This is my home for the Ortana book series marketing which started recently. It's only amatuer so the trailers are kind of rubbish slideshows with music but it's the best I can do so far. They are rubbish but they get the word around. If you have any advice on how to get live action footage (from films and such) that i can put into windows movie maker please send me a message. I have recently been given a piece of great advice from one of my relatives, who is putting the website together for me. It cncerns copyright, and frankly I must say I understand his concern and point. So I say this; if you feel you may have had copyright infringed, I understand how you'll feel annoyed and violated. However I urge you to understand that you will be helping what I hope to be great and inspiring to get to the people of the world. If you are still not satisfied with this, as I understand it is rather hippyish; send me a message and I will make the alterations that you wish. Namely either editing the video to have you credited at the end, or re-make the video without the infringing material in it at all. And of course, last and most importantly; thanks.


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    Ortana Legends Last Chance Trailer

    Ortana Legends Last Chance Trailer

    by Carbonite2008 (6/27/09) 213 views

    The rate of downloads has lowered, and I'm about to start my search for a boom publishing agent, so in an effort to get you guys to check it out some more I'm making another rubbish trailer :D By the way, the website says Ortana Strife as well; that is not to come for a fair whole, nor the none-mentioned Ortana Future. The book also has a few errors, that will probably be sorted when published properly. As I say, a good story is my skill; I tend to get a bit confused by all the grammar things, although I am still pretty decent. The errors are unnoticeable really too, so I hope you enjoy it.

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    Ortana Sample Trailer 01:35

    Ortana Sample Trailer

    by Carbonite2008 (4/16/09) 363 views

    Another trailer, featuring extract sentences from the first page of the second novel to show you (hopefully) how good it is on average. It features the track this is Gallifrey by Murray Gold; which is owned by the latter. Visit the site, you will be getting the books for free years before they get properly published (they nearly were a year ago but for money constraints, and I can't wait to give them to you lot!). The site was and is developed by my uncle, with many thanks sent his way. You can contact us via this channel or from the site You can just search ortana on google now by the way!

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    Ortana Trailer 3 02:21

    Ortana Trailer 3

    by Carbonite2008 (3/12/09) 200 views

    Essentially the same as the announcement trailer, but with different music! it features clips from world in conflict, world of warcraft the wrath of the lich king, mass effect and civilization. Which of course I do not own and wholeheartedly thank the publishers for them! visit the site at! it won't come up on google remember!

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    Ortana Site Now Up! Trailer 2 02:21

    Ortana Site Now Up! Trailer 2

    by Carbonite2008 (3/11/09) 66 views

    The trailer for the site now being up on the web, featuring clips from World in Conflict, WOW Wrath of the Lich King, Civilization 4 and Mass Effect. Thanks for watching, and please visit; into the toolbar though- it won't come up on google!

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    Ortana Site Now Up Trailer!!!

    Ortana Site Now Up Trailer!!!

    by Carbonite2008 (3/10/09) 400 views

    The announcement trailer for the site being ready for use; although not totally complete yet. It is the home to the book series Ortana, which as said in it could only not be published thanks to a lack of funding! So you're getting free books out of this! And it aint a scam; I honestly am so good i'm giving it to you for free! Why should I keep what could be a fantastic and certainly epic novel series from you for petty cash? It'll build up the fanbase for when I do get i properly published at some point; so you'll get it for free and can say "I was one of the people who first read the book that triumphed them all". High hopes but you got to try in life; because I know a lot of truths; and one is that no matter how much people tell you life is just get a job, have kids, settle down; it isn't! There's so much more! And i'm pouring my inspiration from the things I have seen which you cannont even start to comprehend into these books! Enjoy! And remember; it won't turn up on google!

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    Ortana Legends Races Trailer 01:04

    Ortana Legends Races Trailer

    by Carbonite2008 (2/22/09) 341 views

    Latest trailer for the book Ortan Legends soon to be released for free E-book download on an as of yet unspecified web site. Rate it highly please, I know it's a rubbish trailer but it need as many viewers as possible so that the most possible can enjoy the book. Don't change the warhammer tag, I know what i'm talking about and online is the game of it. They are not images of warhammer online.

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    What is Ortana? 06:59

    What is Ortana?

    by Carbonite2008 (2/19/09) 41 views

    Me explaining roughly what exactly is Ortana. However i'm afraid for some reason my voice gets quieter as it goes and eventually fades out so I just placed a bit of The Man Comes Around at the end. It has more rubbish slideshow pictures, representing parts of the book. Although they are blatantly ripped from GRAW and such, just bear with me. And if any of you have any ways on how to get life footage from films and such into windows movie maker it would really help please.

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