Carmen Scott's Channel

Carmen Scott's Channel

A Texas renaissance woman. Watch my Tomboys videos and others right here.


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    Hot Girl Banana Prank 01:58

    Hot Girl Banana Prank

    by tomboys (10/1/08) 42,406 views

    Emilie from Tomboys in Fishnets pulls a prank with a banana that goes horribly wrong. She's now running from the Hollywood law with the evidence in her bra.

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    Dick's One Night Stands: Sissy 01:36

    Dick's One Night Stands: Sissy

    by tomboys (8/1/07) 59,591 views

    d**k is a one night stand master! The problem is... all of his conquests end up stalking him. In this episode Sissy, a cute, sweet, innocent cowgirl from Texas shows up at his door.

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    Happy Hour 02:40

    Happy Hour

    by tomboys (4/24/07) 51,471 views

    Three young women celebrate Happy Hour and each hour that ensues. By Tomboys in Fishnets. Featuring Jake Lee.http://TomboysinFishnets.comhttp://TomboysTV.com

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    Meet The Tomboys 02:27

    Meet The Tomboys

    by tomboys (3/21/07) 43,763 views

    Behind the scenes video of Tomboys in Fishnets' "Global" photo shoot.Featuring the awesome song "Plastic Wings" by Unknown Boy.By Tomboys in Fishnetshttp://TomboysinFishnets.comhttp://TomboysTV.com

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    Gang Initiation Part 2 (MF12) 02:11

    Gang Initiation Part 2 (MF12)

    by tomboys (5/21/07) 2,390 views

    A young man continues his search for an identity. By Tomboys in Fishnets

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