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    Woody And The Scary Hand 01:48

    Woody And The Scary Hand

    by Chain83 (12/27/06) 786 views

    This started out as an exam project for school, but I ended up (trying) to expand it - but my hdd failed, saving me a lot of work at the end. :P (And yeah, the hand is 'invisible' and can only be seen in the mirror). This won 2nd price at The Gathering 2004 (#1 was way better and #3 was crap, hehe)

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    Flatout 02:36


    by Chain83 (5/21/07) 14,696 views

    Best cargame since carmageddon... This was shot in-game using Fraps. Flatout 2 is out now, looks even better (just as good as it plays), just as fun, awsome music, and runs on amazingly low system specs with no bugs! (oh, and I'm not affiliated with them, I just like the game) :D It's well worth the money! (or the download) (Just to make it clear. This is the first Flatout that came out.)

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    Serenity + Leeroy - Fun 01:43

    Serenity + Leeroy - Fun

    by Chain83 (5/21/07) 1,135 views

    This makes sense only if you've seen the movie Serenity (and preferably the firefly series) and know the Leeeroy Jenkins movie from WoW. I got the idea for this one just as I was done watching Serenity. Had to make it!