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    Revelation, Simply Put: A Visual Commentary by Jodi Matthews 02:05

    Revelation, Simply Put: A Visual Commentary by Jodi Matthews

    by ChristianBookRelease (4/14/13) 24 views

    The book of Revelation visually explained. This scholastic work is a comprehensive, visual, page-by-page commentary on the Book of Revelation, illustrated with full-color graphics and rich Bible charts, generating a successful, productive, and fruitful comprehension of the most complex book of Scripture. See this prophetic puzzle of the last days come together with sound, solid, scriptural answers for every pastor, teacher, or layman reading its pages. The book includes The Revelation Guide Guy, filling in "missing pieces" of the prophetic puzzle for Scripture harmonization; powerful charts, diagrams, and maps to aid in understanding chronology; and over 100 dynamic, colorful visuals explaining each chapter. Get answers to Are We Living in the Last Days, Daniel's 70th Week, The Tribulation Period, The Millennium, The Second Coming, The Antichrist, and much more.

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    Love the Life You Live: A 30-Day Journey 01:27

    Love the Life You Live: A 30-Day Journey

    by ChristianBookRelease (2/11/13) 8 views

    Love the Life You Live, a 30-Day Journey, is much more than just a "how-to" book. It is a six-step, 30-day program designed to help people get to a point where they can endure with peace the hard times in life and embrace with joy all the good that comes their way. Do you want to put your life in order the way Jesus commanded? Do you simply want to put the pieces of your life back together again? Do you want to get to a point where you can help those around you? Or do you want a discipleship program that will help you and those around you dig deeper into the Word of God? Written with several purposes in mind, this book can be used as a Bible study or as a biblical counseling tool. Whether you are a housewife, a businessman, or even a full-time minister, this is the book for you!

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    The Gospel According Gipper by Joe Hamlet 02:47

    The Gospel According Gipper by Joe Hamlet

    by ChristianBookRelease (10/3/11) 6 views

    About The Book " Is there something in your life that's taking twice as long and costing twice as much as it should? " Have you kept asking God for help and still He has not answered your prayers? " Are there limitations that are keeping you frustrated? " What do you need from others when you are fearful? " When you lose a pet, what do you want from others? " What kind of God-legacy do you want to leave? To a man who thought he was too busy to own a dog, God gave a high-energy golden retriever so that he might find answers to these questions as well as "gentle reminders" of what he already knew. The God who gave this dog owner some good news (the gospel) is the same One who wants to give you good news. Through sixteen stories about a dog's life, you will find God-truths that will help you in your journey of life. About The Author For thirty years Joe has served in local churches as a minister of counseling and family ministry. He is currently ministering to pastors and missionaries as staff counselor at Fairhaven Ministries in Roan Mountain, Tennessee. Joe and his wife, Carol, live in east Tennessee, north of Knoxville.

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    Forged by Conviction by Jeffrey Pinder 02:27

    Forged by Conviction by Jeffrey Pinder

    by ChristianBookRelease (6/6/11) 20 views

    Forged by Conviction is a never before written, chronologically accurate account of the birth and prominent rise of the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia. • Meet the colorful personalities who helped to define and mobilize this great movement for God's glory. • Discover how both church planting and decentralization helped to carve what would become the foundation of one of America's most modern day struggles for biblical inerrancy. • Learn of the controversial and often courageous struggle of many Southern Baptist men and women who were seemingly cast as renegades by the liberal establishment. • See how their obedience to God and bold faith in Jesus Christ enabled them to witness their dreams—initially written on a napkin at a local restaurant—blossom into a great organization known as the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia. JEFFREY PINDER has been in full-time ministry for over twenty-five years. Aligned with the SBCV since its inception in 1996, he has had a unique vantage point from which to observe its early beginnings. He holds three advanced degrees, including a doctorate from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School. Jeff, his wife Cheryl, and their twin sons, John and Caleb, live in Port St. Joe, Florida.

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    The Mission of the Holy Spirit by Wade C. Graber 03:01

    The Mission of the Holy Spirit by Wade C. Graber

    by ChristianBookRelease (3/13/11) 160 views

    This book, The Mission of the Holy Spirit, grew out of a series of messages given by Pastor Wade Graber in 1995. Now fifteen years after the initial vision, paradigm shift, and some personal spiritual growth, Wade’s hope in penning The Mission of the Holy Spirit is for Christians to more fully understand the presence and ministry of God the Holy Spirit and for unbelievers to receive the indwelling Spirit. The message of the book is quite simple. You are the mission field of God the Holy Spirit. He has numerous things He wants to do in your life that affect your present and your eternity. The Holy Spirit wants to transform you into Christ’s image and glorify the Father and the Son. This book and the accompanying songs and music CD require uninterrupted worship and meditation in order to experience the richest reality of the Holy Spirit. Wade C. Graber is a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He began preaching in 1975 when he had a shoulder-shaking encounter with God at the age of 18. Wade has been pastoring since 1976. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in Bible with a minor in Greek from Sterling College and a master of divinity degree from Central Baptist Theological Seminary. Married to Peggy in 1977, the couple has two children, Evan and Megan. In addition to all of the joys and challenges of pastoral ministry, the Grabers have been blessed to experience missions in various countries including Mexico and Liberia. Evangelistic outreaches are a priority for Graber, but co-laboring with church family members and other organizations have extended his missions efforts into construction, medical, pastor training, orphanages, education, church planting, and other endeavors for the Kingdom.

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    The Price By Leon Newton 02:33

    The Price By Leon Newton

    by ChristianBookRelease (12/17/10) 11 views

    The Price is a one-act play about an arrogant millionaire who neither believes in God nor accepts Jesus Christ's salvation. The millionaire refuses to accept the fact that he is in hell because he deserves to be there. He insists that his paperwork must have been misplaced or mixed up with someone else's and that God has made a mistake. In an effort to convince the millionaire that there has been no paper mix-up and that hell is where he belongs, Satan calls upon other residents of hell to tell the millionaire why they are there. Leon Newton is an award-winning author and university professor. His published works include the plays Titus: The Tragic Death of an Emperor and What If. His book, Terrorism 101: A Library Reference And Selected Annotated Bibliography, was a Barnes & Noble bestseller for two weeks. He is a member of the Dramatist Guild of America, Author League of America, Christian Writers Association, and Christian Writers Guild and has been listed in Who's Who Among America's Teachers.

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    Shepherds, Hirelings & Dictators (3 Min Innovo Premiere) 03:06

    Shepherds, Hirelings & Dictators (3 Min Innovo Premiere)

    by ChristianBookRelease (7/7/10) 39 views

    "To be effective, the preacher's message must be alive; it must alarm, arouse, and challenge. It must be God's present voice to a particular people". --AW Tozer Throughout the generations, false prophets and insincere teachers have always pretended to have the best interests of God's people in mind. They claim they are human instruments who have received direct words of the Lord through the Holy Spirit. But in the final analysis, they do not represent God, and they harm the sheep often to the point of costing them their souls. Who are these false shepherds and how can we distinguish a true shepherd from wolves in shepherds' clothing? That is the question Pastor Tavares Robinson explores in Shepherds, Hirelings, and Dictators: How to Recognize the Difference. In this eye-opening book he covers: --Is it biblical to judge? --The "American" gospel versus the gospel of Christ --The scheme of Scripture-twisting --The "first fruit offering" scam --The truth about the prosperity gospel and more Pastor Robinson shows readers how to open their eyes and come out of false teaching into God's marvelous light where there is true healing, encouragement, and restoration. Tavares Robinson is the founder and senior pastor of Sound the Trumpet Ministries of Miami in Miami, Florida, and serves as publisher of The Trumpet Magazine. The Lord has graced him to speak with a bold prophetic voice which turns the hearts of people back to God. He and his wife Cardra live in South Florida with their two daughters.

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    Where The Ground Is Even by Armour Patterson (2 Min. Innovo Feature) 01:53

    Where The Ground Is Even by Armour Patterson (2 Min. Innovo Feature)

    by ChristianBookRelease (7/7/10) 19 views

    In Where The Ground Is Even: A Christmas In The Arizona High Country, readers join a band of uniquely diverse sojourners, each with his own agenda, who converge on the small town of Flagstaff, Arizona, in the days before Christmas of 1881. Three Navajos ride from the east toward a white man's world of which they are suspicious. Two carefree but pining sheepherders walk through heavy snow from the west. A young family, the man wounded and the woman full with child, move north desperately ahead of a rage-filled cattleman and his men. A young, rakish deputy sheriff rides up from the southwest in pursuit of a wanted man. All converge at the foot of the San Francisco Mountains where their lives become forever intertwined. Armour was born in New Orleans and grew up in Texas. He has worked on several ranches in the trans-Pecos region of western Texas and spent time in the saddle on five continents, more than enough time in the saddle in wild country to realize the majesty of God, the temporality of human endeavor, the triviality of pomp and circumstance, the futility of greed, and the remarkable behavioral semblance of mankind and sheep. Armour welcomes the opportunity to make appearances for book signings and radio interviews and may be reached through Innovo Publishing at

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    How God Sanitized My Soul by Jon Okinaga 01:22

    How God Sanitized My Soul by Jon Okinaga

    by ChristianBookRelease (7/7/10) 143 views

    About The Book At one point I felt unlovable, hopeless, chaotic, and undeserving of anything good. The pain and despair nearly killed me. No drug, drink, meeting, woman, money, fame, or power could ever have fixed me. It has been my personal relationship with Christ that has healed those wounds. As you read what God has placed on my heart, please know that without Him, I am nothing; but because of Him I can share with you How God Sanitized My Soul. Born and raised in a Christian home, Jonathan Okinaga had plenty of biblical knowledge, but what he didn't have was a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How God Sanitized My Soul is a personal account of Jonathan’s journey from the depths of drug addiction to his physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration. Jonathan started and now leads a recovery ministry at his church in Hawaii, a transformation for which he gives all the glory to Christ alone.

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    A Life To Rescue by Karen Michelle Graham 3 Min Innovo Premiere 03:18

    A Life To Rescue by Karen Michelle Graham 3 Min Innovo Premiere

    by ChristianBookRelease (6/16/10) 36 views

    ~ A story of tears and laughter woven through with God's mercies. The puzzling behavior of a two-year-old boy baffles his parents. Why would a child flap his hands, not respond to his name, and regress in his language skills? A specialist reveals the news—autism. Yet amid the heartache, the couple discovers a road to overcoming autism. A Life to Rescue relives the wonder of this child's deliverance providing a hope available to other young children with autism. Karen Michelle Graham is a wife and mother of two children, a 22-year-old daughter, Jennifer, and a 17-year-old son, Jeremy. Karen received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, worked as a computer programmer for fourteen years, and is currently a writer and speaker. She has served as a Christian school board member, been president of her local Toastmasters club, and taught Women's Bible Study at her church.

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