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    “Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.” Beta EBook 01:48

    “Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.” Beta EBook

    by Conscious (11/30/12) 8 views

    Youtube Get your copy! Like and discuss it on Facebook: A book of original quotes, authored by (artist, writer and public speaker) Conscious (Co-founder of Content is wide in range. Laugh, smile and get nostalgic. There's talk of nature, business and personal development scattered about these digital pages. "Cool ass ebook. While everyone in music is going one way, you go the other! Smart move!!" -Wendy Day An inspiring collection of bite-sized insights into the mind of an aware, tuned-in man. A joy to read and absorb -- a smart way to present thoughts to the social media generation. Don't miss pg 91. Well done, @conscious. - Joshua Fisher A healthy shot of zen in a time of hyperstimuli. A breeze on the battlefield. Well done and effortless....great read! - Sum This is an honest collection of thoughts, common sense matters, and ahhh moments that provide a lot of insight on the mechanics of everyday life in today's society. It's not just a book of quotes, they're lessons based on experiences for the enlightenment of generations to come. - Warren Britt The title alone speaks for itself. What you will find in this book are clear and simple thoughts of Conscious. This book made me laugh, smile, think, and even say to myself..."hey I've had that thought before". I have yet to read anything like this. It is in a category of it's on and it should be. - Free Lane It's a refreshing read; I downloaded it on my phone and I read it on the go because it's so informative and TRUE haha - Ama Ackah-YensuDistributed by

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    Mon-tag - Rested Sketch 01:45

    Mon-tag - Rested Sketch

    by Conscious (2/22/12) 6 views

    Download: Rested sketch!/i_Montag

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    Mon-tag - Simply (Produced by Magnavok7) 02:42

    Mon-tag - Simply (Produced by Magnavok7)

    by Conscious (3/10/11) 137 views

    Video rendering of Mon-tag's live performance in 2009 at La Mama Theatre, NYC mashed up with studio scratch recording of song Simply produced by Magnavok7 for the forthcoming EP 1984 Complex: Mon-tag's Love. Follow Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    The Science Of Sound

    The Science Of Sound "Neck On Froze" Digital Release

    by Conscious (10/4/10) 120 views Consider this a relic. One of the only pieces of audible data, salvaged from the damaged drive that once housed, "The Bronx Über Villaini" LP. This work, an integral fragment of 'sound history' conceived by one mysterious figure the world will soon recognize. Science is expensive... Invest in the science of sound today. Participate in shaping a future filled with innovation that you, have vested interest in. (Be the programmer not the programmed... - Douglas Rushkoff) Distributed by Tubemogul.

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    IBuprofen - (the FotoLAB is DEAD) Tease 01:16

    IBuprofen - (the FotoLAB is DEAD) Tease

    by Conscious (9/6/10) 21 views

    Soon come the single featuring Likwuid & Sumkid. The Carolina's South and North meet for this collaborative effort produced by iAreConscious. #iBuprofen is the sequel to "We Sort Glass" featuring Sumkid. The song quite simply is about manifesting what it is in your life that you want to come to be. Taking matters into your own hands. Taking total control of your life. There is no ship coming that you should be waiting to board. If anything learn how to swim and get where ever it is you'd like to be. Fly there if you have to. Train yourself to teleport. It really doesn't matter how. Just get there! [Chorus] I be up Rofen, another word for sorting glass. I be up Rofen, another word for sorting glass. I be up Rofen, another word for sorting glass. I be up Rofen, another word for sorting glass. [Verse] I be Up Rofen, another word for sortin glass smirk on my face, without sound i sorta laugh i ain't usin drugs just high offah life like your average fien on the scene, say he seen some extra special lights i etcha sketch for cream, but no designer hype tired-uh countin beans, dreams are for manifesting right? up in my ever present moment,that's what eckhart toll'me appreciate small things, picture a lotus unfolding the zone i'm ownin, phone home i'm callin up all of the favors owed me, cause i've simply had enough forget this struggle, recreate my rofen hustle i'm mogul minded, planets align with the perfect bubble Follow Us: Sumkid Likwuid iAreConscious #PHOURSTORE Distributed by Tubemogul.

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