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    2014 Kia Sorento Review 02:19

    2014 Kia Sorento Review

    by DadLabs (12/24/13) 23 views

    Today on DadLabs, we get excited about the 2014 Kia Sorento, the perfect car for families. Seriously. It's awesome. By the way, we aren't car review experts, we're just dads looking for a great car and the Kia Sorento is a big win. Distributed by

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    5 Text Acronyms for Parents

    5 Text Acronyms for Parents

    by DadLabs (11/25/13) 3 views

    When it comes to texting and social media, why do kids get to have all the fun? Today on DadLabs, Clay comes up with 5 Acronyms parents can use when texting their teens. Sponsored by Asurion. Distributed by

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    Teens Lose Phones 03:04

    Teens Lose Phones

    by DadLabs (9/17/13) 3 views

    Teens Lose Phones. It's inevitable. Be prepared. Today on DadLabs, we discuss the 5 Stages of Grief a teen goes through when they lose their as parents, if we learn and understand these stages, we won't freak out. Sponsored by Asurion. Distributed by

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    Team Energy Star 02:57

    Team Energy Star

    by DadLabs (8/21/13) 1 views

    Families can go to Team ENERGY STAR and DadLabs Get Totally EPIC! Save Energy and Money, Win Prizes, and Get Your Kid’s Mug in Times Square Distributed by

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