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    Sucking Water from Air 04:38

    Sucking Water from Air

    by DailyBuzz (7/7/08) 80 views

    Microsoft is buying powerset, so Guitar Heros can play on LED park benches or race realtime. Machine sucks water from the air to break chopsticks using a dollar bill.

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    Adobe Hacks Cig Machine Art 05:19

    Adobe Hacks Cig Machine Art

    by DailyBuzz (7/7/08) 198 views

    Japanese tobacco machines hacked with a mag, Adobe gets searched, new Tetris game for strongarms, retro video game art and design alarm clocks make ebay pay big money to Darth Vader.

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    Breasts Power Twitter 07:12

    Breasts Power Twitter

    by DailyBuzz (7/7/08) 327 views

    Bra power gives Twitter needed injection to register .anything. Nokia goes opensource as Robot Olympics make Matt go around the world dancing.

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    Downloading Movies Can Cost $150,000 04:33

    Downloading Movies Can Cost $150,000

    by DailyBuzz (7/1/08) 77 views

    MPAA wants to fine anyone 150K without proof, iTunes sells 5 billion, and Kid Rock says steal my music. Find water on Mars with Deathstar Lego or Lego Kennedy Space station. Coool Birthday Cake.

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    Yahoo's Yang and Arrington Vs. AP 06:54

    Yahoo's Yang and Arrington Vs. AP

    by DailyBuzz (7/1/08) 22 views

    Who will replace Jerry Yang at Yahoo after Microsoft out and Google in with some snags. Flickr co-founders, and other VP employees leave Yahoo. Ymail launches as Arrignthon wages war on A.P. Heart attack help and get ready for the greatest office war. Pictures from lantzilla, laughingsquid, lauralippay, yodelanecdotal and thomashawk

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    Firefox Coffee Games

    Firefox Coffee Games

    by DailyBuzz (7/1/08) 196 views

    Firefox breaks world record while Skype 4.0 is nothing new. Coffee machines are online as cellphone's and bananas make Popcorn. Sony's PS3, PSP, and Samsung try to improve gaming experience while GT4 makes you a pedophile. Gettheglass milk fun!

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