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Daily Grommet has discovered Wordlock, a braided steel cable lock that keeps your belongings secure, while giving you peace of mind because the four-letter word combination is so much easier to remember than a number. With over 10,000 possible letter combinations, together you and your child can select a memorable word. More unique products at *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 19 Mar 2009
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We hope you enjoy Barney Butter as much as we do here at Daily Grommet. This unique, mom-powered product is a great peanut-free butter that kids and adults will enjoy. Made from roasted almonds, it is as nutritious as it is delicious, and a great answer to, "What's for lunch?". Find this with more unique and creative gifts at *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 17 Mar 2009
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The FiftyP money management website is one of Daily Grommet's favorite online destinations. FiftyP helps teach kids about earning, saving, and spending money in a safe environment controlled by their parents. It's a great way to help children learn about financial responsibility, and FiftyP donates 50% of their profits to causes chosen by the community of kids using the service. *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 14 Mar 2009
  • 239
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This great find and truly creative gift idea has pet lovers at Daily Grommet buzzing. Bowchies collars and leashes withstand dips in the ocean and rolls in mud. They're unique, durable, adorable, and reasonably priced. What's not to like? More gifts for your pets at Daily Grommet, *******www.dailygrommet
  • 13 Mar 2009
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The team at Daily Grommet loves this versatile, unique bag for diapers, laptops, and more. The wide, comfortable, ergonomic strap makes toting a heavy load easier by distributing weight more evenly across your back and shoulder. In three styles and six colors, it offers many options for busy parents - the perfect gift idea. Moms and dads will love the simple, modern, utilitarian style. Some of the bags are made from sturdy ballistic nylon, others from recycled materials. Find even more unique gifts on our website: *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 12 Mar 2009
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The Daily Grommet crew loves this versatile child carrier. Lillebaby EveryWear offers five baby holds in one product. It's lightweight, easy to pack, and dads aren't embarrassed to be wearing it. This is a unique baby shower gift sure to be prized by new parents. See more creative gifts at *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 30 Jul 2009
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Daily Grommet is excited to share the Clocky, an MIT-made alarm clock for snoozers. The Clocky actually runs away once you've pressed snooze so that when it's time to get up, Clocky has your full attention. See more at www.dailygrommet****
  • 10 Mar 2009
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Daily Grommet discovered Amber Chand Gift Collection thanks to one of our visitors. You will feel as if you stepped into the bazaar of the world when you access this website. Amber, herself a refugee, knows first-hand the plight of women in areas of conflict and with her website provides a world-wide stage for unique, well made items that will provide income and work for these resilient women. *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 7 Mar 2009
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Indika's Tree of Life Applique Wall Hangings caught Daily Grommet's attention because they're hand-made by a cooperative of women in India who keep traditional skills alive while working to find self-sustainable ways to improve their quality of life. The result is a breathtaking artisan piece representing the connection between mankind and the environment; it's the perfect gift for any pivotal life event. *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 12 Oct 2009
  • 612
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Daily Grommet loves these aprons that showcase real African art. Nondyebo's colorful graphic designs will make bold statements in your home. All your friends will want to know where you got that great apron that almost always looks new and hides all the wear and tear of an afternoon at the stove.
  • 5 Mar 2009
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The Daily Grommet has been captivated by the fun, quirky personalities of Kamabashi's The String Doll Gang. Hand-made in Thailand, each doll is a continuous piece of cotton string fashioned into a tiny doll with a unique uplifting message. With over 90 different dolls from which to choose, there's a character suitable for bringing a smile to every occasion -- no voodoo dolls here! More unique gifts at *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 3 Mar 2009
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Today’s Daily Grommet is the Change Is Strange series of books created by mother-daughter team Penny Asher and Ricki Booker with oversight from a child development specialist. Full of helpful hints, parental advice and kid-friendly reassurances, the books guide families though changes such as the arrival of a new baby, the first day of school, a trip away from home, and pacifier weaning. More unique and creative gifts at *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 3 Mar 2009
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Daily Grommet is featuring Flip video, pocket-sized camcorders that produce high-quality video at the touch of a button. Consider it a tech geek must-have, as well as a unique gift for the less technically-inclined. The ability to customize your Flip's appearance with any photo means yours can be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You'll have style in your hand as you capture all of those memorable moments. *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 28 Feb 2009
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The Daily Grommet team loves the OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler. Its cushioned grip makes mundane, and sometimes painful, kitchen tasks, like peeling potatoes a little easier. The sharp, stainless steel blade peels easily. It's simply the best peeler you'll ever use, and makes a unique gift for friends who love to cook. More unique gifts: *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 27 Feb 2009
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Daily Grommet thinks Rubis makes the best tweezers around. This Swiss company began making their unique, precision tweezers to help Swiss watchmakers place ruby stones into the delicate mechanism. Rubis makes a tweezers in a number of styles, but this one offers perforations on the arms. The slanted and carefully aligned tips let you grab every hair close to the root, which makes plucking more precise, and less painful. More unique gifts at *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 26 Feb 2009
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The Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale is an easy-to-use digital device that allows you to quickly check the exact weight of your suitcases before arriving at the airport, and the Daily Grommet team loves it. Save money and give your personal finances a break avoid expensive luggage fees and the hassle of re-allocating suitcase contents at the counter with this compact scale. It's a must-have for every traveler -- a unique, money-saving gift too -- especially if you plan to bring items home from vacation. Never pay extra for your bags again! *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 23 Aug 2009
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Daily Grommet was thrilled to find the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and stay warm when Polartec introduced its new line of heated jackets and vests. The cutting edge Active Heat technology is designed to keep your core warm for up to six hours , and the remote controlled battery can be set to low, medium, or high depending on the weather. The jackets and vests come are such unique gifts - in both men’s and women’s sizes, they're ergonomically designed so that you won’t even notice the battery inside the jacket. Style, comfort, and warmth--all in one. Hard to find better gifts! *******www.dailygrommet****
  • 21 Feb 2009
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