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    GUNS! 10:22


    by Dalemaster (8/12/09) 270 views

    Me, My wife and my daughters at the range with a glock 26 and an M&P 45

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    Test Fire 1 KNO3 Sugar Motor

    Test Fire 1 KNO3 Sugar Motor

    by Dalemaster (9/20/07) 3,641 views

    This was one of the fist motors I made after I decided to melt the fuel instead of packing it. It worked good but there was still some casing designs I had to go over.

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    The Fall Guy: Chapter 1

    The Fall Guy: Chapter 1

    by Dalemaster (5/21/07) 860 views

    This is simple reactor animation. I will set up more elaborate rigs to mangle this guy more in the future. Please tell me what you would like to see happen to The Fall Guy

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    Nova 01:53


    by Dalemaster (10/29/06) 3,339 views

    This is an animation test I put together for a game trailer I'm going to be submiting to some game companies. There are a few typos but all in all its a good view. It was done on a laptop with very little hardware. I used 3D Studio Max 8 and Adobe Premier to render and compile the animation. The true trailer will have alot more detail and better maping and effects, plus a custom soundtrack. Just think of this as a trial run, Enjoy