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  • 26 Jul 2012
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Delinquints - "Fun Police" Music Video Video Directed,Storyboarded and Edited by James Ronald Filmed by Steve Rock and Bryan Cacciatore Song by Miller/Ovans arr. by Delinquints Delinquints Management: Ewan Exall and Steve Rock Booking: itsthelimithotmail**** It's been widely commented that the Toronto band DELINQUINTS have an appropriate name based on their sense of style and behaviour. One local pundit even remarked that the band looked like a grade school playground gang - however, under the Warriors-esque fashion lies a clever mix of early 1980s Southern California punk and the anthemic FM hard rock of the same era. DELINQUINTS unique spin on their influences has allowed them to build a strong and diverse local fanbase, transcending the usual willing self ghettoization of Toronto punk bands. Friends in high places haven't hurt them either, though; in the last 18 months the band has had their music prominently featured on the extremely popular Canadian Showcase TV series KENNY vs. SPENNY, as well as opening for touring acts such as Anti Flag, S.N.F.U., The Casualties, The Business, Strike Anywhere and The Cancer Bats.. The band has just released their second EP, Live Your Life Like It's Stolen (available at all live appearances), a follow up to their debut, "Sin". They hope to see you at the bar before, during and after their next live appearance.
  • 8 Nov 2008
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Delinquints, an infamous force(band) from Toronto Ontario, bring their unique style and rugged good looks to present a psychological attack on the senses. Video directed by Kevin Huang
  • 17 Jul 2007
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