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    The Guggenheim Grotto 04:14

    The Guggenheim Grotto "Her Beautiful Ideas" Video

    by Dirty_Silas (2/5/09) 1,462 views

    Music video for the song "Her Beautiful Ideas" by The Guggenheim Grotto from their new album "Happy the Man." The Guggenheim Grotto is a Dublin, Ireland based band whose music is a decidedly upbeat mix of timeless pop, folk and soaring melodies. More information at www.GuggenheimGrotto.com Courtesy of United For Opportunity www.UFOmusic.com Produced, Edited and Directed by Aaron Copeland and Johnny Fitzsimons.

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    Dancing Inside 03:06

    Dancing Inside

    by adnanrao (11/7/08) 8,489 views

    Originally conceived to synch with "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees and now re-cut to a ragga/house floor-filler called 'Consequences' by Andy Higgs: stop motion (lots of photos stuck together with basic computer editing software). "Did it take long to make?" No, it only took a weekend. There's a lot of repetition. "Did you use lots of paper?" Not really. There are about 30 unique printed pictures which, again, are repeated a great deal. "Was the music written for the video?" No, it's a separate track. The original used 'Stayin' Alive' but Andy let me use 'Consequences' so I could share the video with you. "What's the 'No.6' poster all about?" It's a poster from the cult 1967 TV series 'The Prisoner'. It says 'Vote No.6', referring to a character played by Patrick McGoohan, pictured. "What's the building in the background from 1:14?" The Royal Albert Hall, London SW7 "Who is the screensaver/wallpaper at the end?" PJ Harvey "I want to know more about the music" You can visit Andy's MySpace accounts, links above, or watch some of the other videos on my channel. http://linkplace.co.cc