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The Jewish Life Cycle DVD. Beliefs, Customs and traditions define every aspect of Jewish life. From the day a Jew is born until after they die, every day marks a different stage of life, each with its own personal and religious significance. The Jewish Life Cycle describes three of the most crucial landmarks. Following three beautiful stories, this film intimately depicts the way that religion intertwines and defines Jewish life. The Eighth Day: “Nature is what you started out with, not what you want to become.”Spoken by Joseph the Physician to Micha, these words reflect the eternal struggle between the wish to ‘fit in’ and the desire to serve a higher calling.Religious life for a Jewish man begins on the eights day after his birth, and marks his initiation into the ritual cycle of life. Set in the days of the Maccabim when the Greeks ruled the promised land, the Eighth Day follows the struggle of a father from the desire to give his son a ‘normal’ Greek life, to his recognition of the importance of his Jewish heritage and a growing urgency to proudly pass it to his young son. The Journey: Set in the Marxist Soviet Union of 1941 when freedom of thought and belief were crimes against the state, The Journey is the story of American Civil Engineer Jonathan Levinson and youngster Nikolai Krone. As Nikolai awakens to being no longer a child, he learns that it is now up to him to ask the important questions in life, and to find the answers he needs. Through the miraculous meeting of Jonathan and Nikolai they both come to embrace the beauty and importance of the Bar-Mitzva ceremony, and the privilege and responsibility it brings to being a full adult Jewish man. The Corridor: The last landmark in the Jewish Life Cycle is death and burial. Sharon is a young summer volunteer in Israel and has a near death experience as she survives a near-fatal car crash. Following Sharon through a series of profound discoveries, The Corridor portrays the difficulty of coping with extraordinary inner truths as she deals with skeptic s and believers alike. Sharon then gets a new neighbor in the next hospital bed who reveals to her some of the deeper Jewish beliefs on the matter. Through extraordinary human stories The Jewish Life cycle paints beautiful pictures of religious discovery and the importance of these landmarks in a person’s life. From the day we are born and begin a brave new life until after our death, this is the Jewish cycle of life. Doko Media Ltd. and biblelandshop**** are proud to spread the Jewish wisdom worldwide.
  • 12 May 2008
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The Holy Land Journey DVD. When you read about the cave at the end of Ephron's field, do you ever imagine what that actually looked like? Ever wonder if the field is still there? Do you envision the garden as you read Jesus' prayer? Or visualize the path thathe walked as he carried the cross? It is difficult to picture the surroundings inwhich Jesus and all of his biblicalpredecessors lived and preached, especially so if one has never seen the drastically different landscape, wildlife, and architecture of the Middle East. And while it's good for children to let their imaginations wander, adults reallyshould know just how and where suchimportant events took place. That is why The Bible Land Shop commissioned the creation of three separate, feature-length films that carry one through the stories of the Bible and the history of the Holy Land. In "Holy Land Journey" our guides begin from the very beginning of the Bible: follow in the footsteps of the Children of Israel, travel to all of the locations where Jesus sojourned and preached, to the sites of his arrest, crucifixion, and burial, through the Roman, Crusader, Turkish, and British occupations, right up into modern Israeli life. Educational and inspirational narration tells the stories of each holy place in the words of the Bible along the way, transforming what might have once seemed like distant and ancient episodes into very real, very modern lessons for the present. It is a good thing to have read the Bible. But it is a hard book to know unless one has been to its home, has seen what it witnesses. "Holy Land Journey" turns the printed text into a living one so that you can not only now imagine it, but actually experience it. Experience. . . • The journey of the Children of Israel: the desert dwellings of the Patriarchs and the modern Bedouin, Sodom and Gomorrha on the Dead Sea, Mt. Moriah, the burial cave of Machpelah, Rachel's burial site, Joseph's tomb at Nablus, the path of Moses, the Jordan River at the crossing into the Promised Land, Deborah at the Valley of Jezriel, Mt. Tabor of the Canaanites, Sampson and Delilah's Ashkelon, David and Goliath's Valley of Elah, the Tower and the City of David, King Solomon's Jaffa Port and Eilat, King Ahab's Megiddo, and King Herod's Temple and castles; • The life of Jesus: Nazareth (Zebulun) and its modern carpenters, Bethlehem and the Church of the Nativity, the Temple steps ascended by Joseph and Mary, John the Baptizer's Ein Kerem and its many churches, the Mountain of Temptation overlooking Jericho, the site of the wedding at Cana, the pools of Bethesda and the church of St. Anne, Bethany near Jerusalem, the modern day Good Friday and Easter processions through the gates of the Old City, the Mount of Olives, the money-changers' courtyard at the Temple, the rarely seen interior of the Dome of the Rock mosque, Samaria's well and nearby church, the fishing village of Capernaum, the planes of Megiddo, Mt. Tabor and the Church of the Transfiguration, the glorious churches that dot the hills above the Sea of Galilee, the Galilean synagogues of Jesus' day, the site of the Last Supper near Zion Gate, the garden on the Mount of Olives and the nearby chapel that remembers Peter's betrayal, the place of the meeting with Pontius Pilate, the stations of the cross (Via Dolorosa), and the tomb in the garden where the angel announced ". . . he has arisen!" • The period of occupation: the destruction of the Second Temple, revolt and Roman invasion at King Herod's fortress, the resulting mass suicide at Mt. Masada, the Roman empire's Caesaria, the city of Avdat built by Roman converts, the seat of the Sanhedrin in Beit Shearim, home of the compiler of the Mishna, Yehuda HaNasi, Moslem conquest and Hebron, sacred sites of the Moslems in the Holy Land, the Moslem palace at Jericho, the Crusader fortress in the Golan Heights, the Turkish conquest and Wadi Kelt, the site of Napoleon's defeat, Sir Montefiore's Yemin Moshe and the birth of modern Jerusalem, and Allenby entering through Jaffa Gate to herald in the era of the British Mandate during World War I; • Modern Israel and her neighbors: ancient sites of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the rose-colored city of Petra, Jerash, Amman, Madaba, Mt. Nebo, and modern life, traditional dance, music, and customs in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Mt. Tabor, Nazareth, theMount of the Beatitudes, Capernaum, Eilat, the Sea of Galilee, Haifa and port, the Golan Heights, Jaffa, Mt. Zion, and the Mount of Olives. Directors: Reuven Dorot Title: Holyland DVD Time: 2-hours Locations: 90 locations Narration: 7 languages Format: NTSC, PAL Language: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Region: All Regions Number of discs: 1 Studio: Doko Media Ltd. Run Time: 110 minutes
  • 10 Feb 2010
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Heaven and Hell DVD. From the beginning of recorded history, people from all over the world have believed in an Afterlife. In the West, the powerful images of Heaven and Hell--with its fire and brimstone, harps and halos--have shaped Western thought for thousands of years. Heaven was originally spelled heofon in Old English. It referred to the sky or the area above the earth where the "Heavenly bodies" are placed. This is the first meaning of the word in the Bible (shemayim, Gen. 1:1). It was also considered the dwelling place of God and his angels. However, the term is also commonly used to translate other words meaning the abode of the righteous at some point after death, such as Paradise (see below for other terms). Hell, on the other hand, is believed to be an afterlife of suffering where the wicked or unrighteous souls are punished, in most beliefs, by Satan and his many minions and is almost always depicted as underground. Within Islam and Christianity, hell is traditionally depicted as fiery.[1] Some other traditions, however, portray Hell as cold and gloomy. In Judaism, Hell is portrayed as a state of neutrality and an eternal existence in nothingness. Join the History Channel explore the eternal questions of the Afterlife and the mysteries of Heaven and Hell. Doko Media and biblelandshop**** are looking forward to serving you, your family and your community. Our wonderful Bible Land journey is shown to you on best quality DVD and with our full customer service and shipping guarantee.
  • 20 Jan 2009
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Clear Skies DVD. Despite its humble beginnings as a simple "Sherut Avir" (Air Service) in 1947, in the short half-century since its inception the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has soared to international distinction as one of the most imposing aerial legions in military history. often said to have been "born in battle", the IAF has grown strong not by field practice, but through the exercise of countless defensive attacks, "redemption" airlifts, and covert pre-emptive missions. "Clear Skies" tells the story of the Israeli Air Force through its collection of the most "inside" military and media footageavailable to the public. Witness the IAFs development from the War of Independence (1948) and the surprise attack of the Sinai Campaign (1956) to the incredibly strategic pre-emptive strikes on entire Arab airfields of the Six Day War (1967) and the humbling losses sustained in the Yom Kippur War (1973). Under cover of absolute darkness, marvel at the ingenious commando rescue of 103 hostages at the Entebbe airport in Uganda (1976), the 1981 sneak-bombing of the nuclear reactor near Baghdad (shown through the cross-hairs of the pilot who bombed it!), and the 1991 airlift of 14,000 persecuted Ethiopian Jews to Israel, events that have earned the IAF its reputation as an elite fighting force that is not to be trifled with. Doko Media Ltd. and Biblelandshop**** are proud to spread the story of the Israeli Air Force worldwide. Producers: Reuven Dorot Type: NTSC & Pal Narration: English and French Time: 60 Min Includes: Detailed maps & Visual illustration of attack point Visual illustration of attack points and "Inside" footage of pilots in training. Region: All Regions
  • 26 Aug 2008
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Anne Frank's Diary DVD. "Anne Frank's Diary", is a special fim created by the Anne Frank Centre located in the house of Anne's hiding in Amsterdam. It places Anne's diary in historical context, explaining the rise of the Nazis in Germany, the begining of World War II, and the German invasion of Holland, all while it follows Anne and her family on their flight from their home in Frankfurt into the care of a group of Dutch Christians. Anne's life before and during the years of hiding, as described in her diary, is transformed from history to reality as the camera travels to her old classroom, family home, to the hiding place, and even to Auschwitz, tracing the footsteps of Anne and her loved ones in space and time. "Anne Frank's Diary" presents a comprehensive picture of the world in which Anne lived, with commentary "by Anne herself" on each place, person, and event, and with the most thorough, informative historical narration available, as only the world-famous Anne Frank Huis Museum could provide. From her happy life in Frankfurt to the history of the diary's publication, this film turns what might otherwise seem "just a story" into the living memorial of a most extraordinary little girl. Originally entitled "Dear Kitty". Doko Media Ltd. and Biblelandshop**** our proud to spread this film worldwide.
  • 18 May 2010
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Abraham DVD The figure of Abraham looms over three of the major religions of the world: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity which are sometimes referred to as the "Abrahamic religions", because of the progenitor role Abraham plays in their holy books. In the Jewish tradition, he is called Avraham Avinu, Abraham, Our Father. God promised Abraham that through his offspring, all the nations of the world will come to be blessed, interpreted in Christian tradition as a reference to Christ. For Muslims, he is a prophet of Islam and the ancestor of Muhammad through his other son Ishmael. His story is replete with famous incidents: a covenant with God that would lead to the birth of the Jewish nation, the near-sacrifice of his Isaac as a sign of his obedience to God, and the famous scene of destruction in his father's idol shop, are three of the famous incidents in his life story. But is this Biblical hero simply a symbol representing the birth of the Jewish people, or was he of real flesh and blood? Scholars disagree, but archaeology may hold the answer. Fifteen hundred cuneiform tablets, discovered in 1975 at an ancient city called Ebla, may be the key to unlocking the riddle of Abraham. Scholars were enthralled to discover the name "Abraham" repeated again and again in the tablets, which detail life in Abraham's native Mesopotamia and his adopted home of Canaan. In this hour long History Channel Journey, we will discover what this important finding means to three of the religions which hold Abraham in such high esteem and we will visit the site of the Ebla tablets, as well as traditional locations in Abraham's life, such as the Dome of the Rock, the fabled location of the near-sacrifice of Isaac to God. Doko Media Ltd. and Bible Land Shop (****) looks forward to serving you, your family and your community. Our wonderful Bible Land journey is shown to you on best quality DVD and with our full customer service and shipping guarantee.
  • 26 Nov 2009
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The Seven Keys to Jewish Life DVD. What makes Judaism different from other religions? What are the biblical sources for enigmatic Jewish observances? What is the meaning of the Hebrew blessings recited during each ritual? What does it all symbolize? Certain rituals, symbols, and practices have long been associated with the Jewish People, but few non-Jews actually understand their biblical origins and their continuing significance in modern times. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" explores the seven pillars of Judaism to reveal the manner in which Jews still live to this very day and the meaning behind their way of life. Discover: 1. The Sabbath: Known as "Shabbat" in Hebrew and "Shabbos" in Yiddish, the Jewish Sabbath is observed every Friday evening from one hour before sundown until Saturday evening one hour after sundown. It is a day filled with prayer, Torah study, family, and peace that remembers the Seventh Day of Creation, on which Jews are bidden to imitate the Lord's own rest. It is an occasion for songs of freedom and social justice praising the Holy One for removing the Hebrew slaves from oppression in the Land of Egypt, and for abstaining from the 39 categories of "m'lacha", labor, which He describes in His Torah. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" invites you to spend a Sabbath with a Jewish family and to participate in the most important rituals this People has observed every week since the Exodus from Egypt. 2. What is kosher?: The video takes you into a Jewish kitchen to clearly explain which foods are kosher and which are not, the biblical sources for "kashrut" (the Jewish body of Law that regulates the diet), and the practical observance thereof in modern times. Did you know that every religious Jewish kitchen contains at least two (and many up to 6!) full sets of dishes? Did you ever notice any myster- ious symbols on the packaging of popular foods you purchase at the supermarket? These are the modern-day signs that the Chosen People of God are still observing His "Mitzvot" (Command-ments) even into the 21st century! 3. Chanuka: The "Festival of Lights" is an eight-day holiday that celebrates, as many know, a miracle of oil that occurred in ancient Temple times. Crucial to an understanding of the festiv- ities, though, is the history of the military victory of the Maccabees over the pagan Greek oppressors who had invaded the Holy Land. An evening with a Jewish family elucidates the traditions, laws, songs, blessings of the lights and thanksgiving for victory and miracle... even which Jewish specialties are favorite Chanuka foods! 4. The Shofar: "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" takes you to a shofar-maker to see the step-by-step fashioning of a simple ram's horn into a majestic biblical instrument (the shofar) whose sound pleased the Lord and awakened the souls of His People to righteousness. Discussion of its biblical history and usage as well as its employment in rituals today is pierced by the sights and sounds of the blowing of the shofar in actual synagogue services. 5. Mezuzah: "...and write them (these, My Commandments) upon the doorposts of your house and upon your gates" (Deuteronomy 6:9). This is the biblical source for those beautiful elongated boxes that grace every Jewish door- way. Inside are hand-written parchments of Torah passages that proclaim the Oneness and Majesty of God and this, His Commandment. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" opens up the mezuzah case to reveal its precious contents, travels to a traditional Jewish scribe to observe the writing thereof, and even stops in at a Jewish house-warming party, where a crowd of friends and family wait to enter until the blessing has been recited and the first mezuzah affixed to the doorpost of a new Jewish home. 6. Tefillin: "...Bind them as a sign upon your arm and they shall be for frontlets between your eyes" (Deuteronomy 6:8). This ritual, most often described as simply bizarre by outsiders, is perhaps one of the most intriguing and symbol-rich Commandments that Jewish men still observe every morning at prayer. The little black boxes, called "phylacteries" in English and "tefillin" in Hebrew, contain similar parchments to those housed by the mezuzah but are bound to the arms and foreheads of Jewish men as opposed to the doorposts of their homes. Open up these little black boxes, read their parchments, witness their binding, watch step-by-step the long and tedious labor that produces a single set of phylacteries,discover the biblical source for the Commandment, and hear the same blessings and prayers recited for centuries every time a Jewish man donned his tefillin. 7. Tzedakah: Often translated as "charity", "tzedakah" actually comes from the Hebrew root that means "righteousness" and "justice". The Jewish concept of charity is two-fold: by observ- ing the Commandment to give, one comes closer to righteousness through performance of His Law, while the giving itself contributes to the restoration of social balance in a very unjust world. Most people feel that all that really matters is that one gives. But the Rambam (Moshe ben Maimon, the greatest medieval Jewish rabbi and scholar) asserted that there are in fact Eight Degrees of Tzedaka, and that some are indeed better than others. "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" guides you up the Rambam's ladder of righteous- ness and gives vivid examples from the Jewish experience to illustrate how this Mitzvah (Commandment) has not only been an individual concern for each and every Jew, but a whole social organization and way of life for the entire Jewish People ever since their inception. Rich with biblical references and sources for each of the seven pillars and clarified by the practice of real Jewish families, "Seven Keys to Jewish Life" solves the riddle of modern-day Jewish observance for the curious non-Jew. All of the blessings and prayers recited for each ritual are shown transliterated (with the Hebrew words in English letters) and translated in English on the screen as they are recited. Doko Media Ltd. and Biblelandshop**** are proud to have such a significant DVD in stock.
  • 23 Oct 2010
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Jesus according the Gospel of John DVD. This major motion-picture depicts the last three soaring years of Christ's life his ministry, trial, death and resurrection. Inspiring. Uplifting. This 3-hour epic recreates Jesus' life in stunning realism as only the majesty of a feature movie can. Following the Gospel of the disciple John without additions or omissions, this saga draws you back to Jesus' time placing you in the middle of events that changed the world forever. Much more than just a film, this word for word adaptation of the Bible won MovieGuide's Epiphany Award for Most Inspiring Movie. Faithfully narrated by Golden Globe nominee Christopher Plummer and portrayed by award- winning actors including Emmy- nominated Henry Ian Cusick - Desmond in Lost and Theo in 24, the cast was drawn from England's Royal Shakespeare and Royal National Theater Companies, and Canada's Stratford Festival and Soulpepper Theater Companies. "I sat in awe while watching this movie because it took a Scripture that I've been familiar with for most of my life and transformed the familiar into a profound and intimate look at Jesus. I came out of the screening appreciating Christ, his teachings and his radical personality on a whole new level". Holly McClure Crosswalk**** Movie - The visual tableaux are often quite beautiful ... the producers took great care to make the settings and costumes as true to the time as possible ... (the) choice to show Jesus as a person who ...enjoys serving God, his Father, in addition to being supernaturally wise, temperate, loving, and courageous, is exactly right. S.T. Karmick National Review Online Doko Media looks forward to serving you, your family and your community. Our wonderful Bible Land journey is shown to you on best quality DVD with our full customer service and shipping guarantee. Besr regards, Doko Media Ltd. Actors: Henry Ian Cusick Publisher: Doko Media Ltd. Format: NTSC Subtitles - French, Spanish, Hungarian and Romanian Pal - Subtitles in Hungarian and Romanian Time : 180 Min. Awards: Most inspiring award - Movie Guide Ephiphany Award Narrated : Christopher Plummer Format: NTSC, PAL Subtitles: Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian Region: All Regions
  • 24 Oct 2008
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Herod The Great DVD. Join the world's leading archeologists, historians and scholars as they search for the truth about one of the Bible's most legendary villains. On the extreme eastern edge of the Roman Empire, Herod ruled the earthly kingdom into which Jesus was born with a cruelty born of paranoia. Killing any who stood in his way, Matthew's Massacre of the Innocents describes his attempt to murder the infant Jesus by sending troops to slaughter every male child in Bethlehem under two years of age. Yet, at the same time Herod raised some of the architectural marvels of the Roman world – the brilliant new Temple in Jerusalem – the largest man-made structure in the Empire, Caesarea Maritima, the world's first fully man-made harbor with sumptuous palaces, temples, hippodrome and amphitheater that he wished to rival Rome, and more. In the words of the 1st Century historian, Josephus, Herod "stole the throne like a fox, ruled like a tiger and died like a dog". Obsessed by the kingdom of this world, Herod the Great was the complete opposite of Jesus – a man whose life can be summed up by the anonymous saying "Greater is he who acts from love than he who acts from fear". Doko Media looks forward to serving you, your family and your community. Our wonderful Bible Land journey is shown to you on best quality DVD with our full customer service and shipping guarantee.
  • 5 Jan 2010
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"The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls". "The Story of the Dead Sea Scrolls" is the story of the oldest original biblical manuscripts in existence, found in the Judean desert in 1947, and the path it followed from the Bedouin desert tribe that found them, to the antiquities dealer who bought them, from the hostile Arab territory out of which they were smuggled and all the way to the laboratory and to the museum we it is presently located. Every step of the scrolls' turbulent journey is accompanied by commentary and interviews with archaeologists, historians, scroll experts, theologians, clergy, and others who claim that the scrolls are indeed "missing links in the world's history", links allegedly still too momentous for the Christian and Jewish worlds to discover. Bible Land Shop and Doko Media Ltd. are proud to spread the Dead Sea Scrolls story worldwide.
  • 19 Jul 2008
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Individually they were nothing special … some Galilean fishermen ... a political hothead ... a tax collector. They might have all led ordinary lives …and quietly disappeared into the mists of history. But, inspired by one charismatic Jewish preacher, these 12 men become the mouthpiece for God's plan for salvation. Despite a hostile world which considered them outlaws, heretics and blasphemers, these brave believers carried the message of the 'good news' brought by their teacher. This message of the gospels has now traveled through time across two thousand years and gone around the world to billions of Christians bringing to them all the everlasting love and eternal guidance of Jesus. The world has come to know them as - The Twelve Apostles. Down to earth men of the Galilee - the cradle of the Holy Land – these 12 pious Jews dedicated their lives to spread His teaching of the coming Kingdom of Heaven wherever they went. This is their story - Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Jude Thaddeus, Thomas, Simon, James the Lesser, Matthew and of course, the infamous Judas Iscariot who would become the betrayer of his Lord. They may have started off as nobodies, but the events surrounding the Twelve Apostles and their leader in that far-flung corner of the Roman Empire changed the course of history forever. Bible Land Shop is proud spread their stories.
  • 6 Aug 2009
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Language: English, Hebrew Type: NTSC / PAL Time: 2 Hours Publishing: Doko Media Ltd. Region: All Regions A prestige film production. Israel declared its sovereignty on May 14, 1948. One day later, armies from Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, Egypt and Iraq invaded. With only 600,000 people in the infant nation, the odds seemed overwhelming. Yet they not only survived, they triumphed, and by 1949 armistice negotiations began that would ensure the existence of the Jewish State. Filled with rare footage, photographs, and interviews with participants in the War of Independence, this is the definitive document of one of the turning points in modern history. Extraordinary footage like a filme by Bernard Beecham, a British soldier, shows the reality of life in the fledgling nation. This is a remarkable chronicle of a nation won by courage and determination more than weaponry, the saga of a people finally returned to the land from which they had been away from for almost 2000 years. Against the well-equipped Arab armies stood poorly armed Jewish forces dedicated to protecting a country whose population totaled just 650,000 men, women and children. Not only did Israel's young soldiers stop the Arab onslaught, but - with more bravery than bullets - they went on to create a military triumph that ensured the survival of the new Jewish State Showing the dramatic days that surrounded the birth of the fledgling nation, this movie includes rare material – a unique film by a British Mandate soldier, footage of Ben Gurion at the Declaration of Independence, scenes from the war as well as interviews with those who actually fought in it.
  • 20 May 2009
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Jesus in the Holy Land DVD "Jesus in the Holy Land" offers uniquely informative narration that follows the chronology of the Bible "in thefootsteps of Christ", capturing each location relevant to the history of Jesus not only in his time, but also his influence on modern-day Israel in all her colorful and exotic diversity. In seven episodes the directors ingeniously portray the parallels between the gospels of Jesus and the contemporary ways of life and religious practice of Christians, Jews, Samaritans, and Moslems living in the Land today. Every aspect of daily life, ritual, festival and life cycle observances are brilliantly compared and contrasted with those of the Jews of Jesus' day and of Jesus himself. No film better illuminates the influence that Jesus' life and teachings have had-and still have-on his Homeland. A beautifully enlightening journey for Christians and Jews alike. Directors: A. Castellani, G. Cappellaro Running Time: 105 minutes
  • 7 May 2008
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The Songs of Israel DVD God, people, land and, of course, food... These are the things that make a country what it is. Israel, unique amongst the nations of the world, is also the most diverse religiously, ethnically, geographically, and culinarily due to its historic role as "the belly button of the universe" (as Israelis like to call it). "Israel in Song" takes you on a visual adventure of this land of extremes, traveling through the wooded green mountains and hills of the north to the desert springs of the south, from the urban landscapes of Israel's four major cities to the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea at Eilat, stopping, of course, to appreciate all the wildlife in between.
  • 6 May 2008
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