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    Don't Let Fear of Disappointment Stop You!

    Don't Let Fear of Disappointment Stop You!

    by DonBernardJr (12/13/09) 121 views

    Don explains why it's important to not allow fear of disappointment take us away from realizing our manifestations. So we must not get too attached to a particular outcome...stay in the flow of your Bliss and all will remain well!

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    Casual Manifestation 09:36

    Casual Manifestation

    by DonBernardJr (12/13/09) 101 views

    Don explains how we take manifestation too seriously and wind up working against ourselves. He suggests creating some smaller things, before we tackle the bigger aspirations life has to offer.

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    Living Your Passion 07:14

    Living Your Passion

    by DonBernardJr (12/13/09) 5 views

    Don sits down with Passion Refiner Todd Hamilton to speak about why people turn away from living a life dedicated to their true passion.