The BUllETPROOF Metacafe Channel

The BUllETPROOF Metacafe Channel

Welcome to the Official Bulletproof Pictures Channel on YouTube, soon as we find our way in MetaCafe we will start to entertain all our viewers and try to join this new community!


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    CaR 0n a CaMeL!!

    CaR 0n a CaMeL!!

    by Dj00000000000007 (8/10/08) 17,412 views

    LOL this is damn funny. A camel is actually carrying a car. How this happened and how they managed to put that car on the camel - we will never know!!!

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    Porn - Those Fucking Pirates... 01:47

    Porn - Those Fucking Pirates...

    by DoubleF_ (8/7/08) 30,046 views

    Don't Buy pornography on the black market... You can get f*cked by the pirates...:) Hihee.. Copied DvD's^^ Had a lot of probs with that.. Bulletproof Pictures 2008. By F_ WATCH IN HQ FOR FULL ENJOYMENT!

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    Android 207 10:08

    Android 207

    by metafest (7/31/08) 576 views

    directed by Paul Whittington Canada, Animation, 2006, digital video, Magnetic Stereo, 00:10:00 A stop-motion animated film about an Android trapped inside of a large maze. The maze is vast and filled with many surprises. A complex labyrinth consisting of traps, deceptions, and puzzles.