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    Spread Betting Calculator

    Spread Betting Calculator

    by Dow-Boy (5/10/13) 10 views

    A FREE Spread Betting Calculator for Day Traders. To Download this FREE Trading Spreadsheet, Please go to: An Online 'Popup' Version Is Also Available From This Trading Article Page. This FREE Excel Trading Spreadsheet is Designed For The Spread Betting Trader. Defines Position Size, Risk Reward Ratios & 'What If' Scenarios & Much More! I Hope You Enjoy Using This, My FREE Spread Bet Calculator Regards: DowBoy

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    Day Trading Expectancy Simulator 01:33

    Day Trading Expectancy Simulator

    by Dow-Boy (7/29/12) 8 views

    Day Trading Expectancy Simulator A FREE Expectancy Trading Simulator for day traders. To Download this FREE Trading Spreadsheet, Please go to: Monte Carlo, Mersenne Twister & Versions Available. A FREE Excel Trading Simulation Spreadsheet For Traders. Compute Returns Over 500 Random Trades With User Defined Inputs. Shows Win / Loss Frequency Distribution, Equity Graph & Statistics. All For FREE! Regards: DowBoy Produced By: DowBoy