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    RE4 Knocked Down 01:13

    RE4 Knocked Down

    by EdDogg83 (11/2/07) 6,958 views

    4th Vid, Clips of RE4 to I get knocked down. Short but sweet :) Comments welcome.. I claim no ownership to either copyright by capcom or I get knocked down

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    Resident Evil 4 Ugly Girl 01:15

    Resident Evil 4 Ugly Girl

    by EdDogg83 (10/29/07) 11,407 views

    3rd vid. Clips from RE4 to Ugly girl.. I came close with the lip syncing. Turned out good I think.. Comment and let me know Thanks. I do not claim ownership to Capcoms Resident Evil 4 nor to Weird Al's Ugly Girl

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    FF7 In The End 03:19

    FF7 In The End

    by EdDogg83 (12/31/07) 1,360 views

    my 2nd video with clips from FF7 to In the End by Linkin Park. Comment and let me know what you think :) I dont claim ownership to either franchise and copyrights go to square and Linkin Park