EiMeCHI's Channel of doom!!! >:D

EiMeCHI's Channel of doom!!! >:D

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    Nigahiga The Ninja Glare Lyrics

    Nigahiga The Ninja Glare Lyrics

    by EiMeCHI (6/29/09) 645 views

    Okay i made this video because i LOVE NIGAHIGA!!!! THE NINJA GLARE IS LIKE MY MOST FAV VID EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please SUBSCRIBE TO NIGAHIGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beat Made by: to him! DL the song at: Ninja Glare Chorus (x2) OH EM GEE You can't see me I'm blending in just like a pine tree I am unseen, You can't see me cuz I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja, nin, ninja. Verse 1 Hey, can't see me Am I a bird or am I a tree? What's flying so high in the ayer (ayer)? I'm a ninja don't stare (stare) Fast like the witch is Blair (Blair) I bet you don't even care Here I go, there I go, this is my song Being ninja you gotta be strong Most of us found in Hong Kong Where is my automobile now Dong? Catching everything with my chopstick Making loud noises with every hit Moving unseen so fast so quick I bet you wish you had all my ninja tricks OH EM ... GEE Be a Ninja like me Just watch me now and you will see! Chorus (x2) OH EM GEE You can't see me I'm blending in just like a pine tree I am unseen, You can't see me cuz I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja. Verse 2 Hey were dressed in black Just like emos except for the fact We don't stab ourselves, we stab your back Its just our way to sneak attack We see you coming cuz we have wall hacks Don't come near us or we'll give you slap And no sense in running cuz we set up a trap. Here comes the slow motion... C C C CRAP! Run like me Hide like me Don't forget your fatality Dance like a ninja in the club Even though you'll look just like a scrub Watch this vid learn something rare (rare) This move looks like a square (square) Just throw your hands in the air (air) Follow me, do the Ninja Glare! Chorus (x2) OH EM GEE You can't see me I'm blending in just like a pine tree I am unseen, You can't see me cuz I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja, nin, ninja.

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    Ddr Cosplay Honey and Punch Difficult 01:35

    Ddr Cosplay Honey and Punch Difficult

    by EiMeCHI (2/21/09) 148 views

    Me (Naruto), Vaughan (Sasuke) playing DDR with the song Honey Punch. Difficulty is Difficult. Big thanks goes to John and Jye for holding our camera! more @ www.youtube.com/whupurass (Sasuke/Vaughan lol)

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    Akatsuki Sailor Song 03:10

    Akatsuki Sailor Song

    by EiMeCHI (2/20/09) 1,864 views

    I was Bored and Made this for Fun Please Enjoy I saw some Comments saying that I stole this video so I'd like to clear some stuff up... I wasn't meaning that I made it as in I did the animation and all that crap... I just made it last longer useing the Animation that everyone else is or has used... now... if I'm wrong for putting some work into it and saying that "I made it" cuz it's not 100% the original then please keep telling me that I stole it or that I didn't make it.

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    Suna No Oshiro FULL Lyrics Vampire Knight 03:17

    Suna No Oshiro FULL Lyrics Vampire Knight

    by EiMeCHI (11/22/08) 1,093 views

    enjoy ^^ artist: kanon wakeshima anime: vampire knight guilty Japanese lyrics sotto nagareru shiroi kawaita kumo ga tooru haiiro na watashi wa tada chitte kieteiku no miteta hoshi wo atsumete tsukuru suna no oshiro ni watashi no sasayaka na inori koborete ochiru sono ashimoto wo machibusete nami ga semaru kie kakaru inori kaze ni aorare nagara soredemo tomori tsuzukete watashi ga ikudomo motsure nagara kieyuku te deru tsukuru suna no oshiro wo machibusete nami ga semaru aa anata e Suna no oshiro english lyrics In the quietly waiting casle... In a thirsty time of change. Ah ash coloured me... is just vanishing slowly... Need to die... Gather the stars... and building a casle of sand. Where i utter a soft prayer... Ambused by those footsteps. Falling into dust... Flowing away... "Please"... Someone.

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    Alumina by Nightmare - Misheard Lyrics 04:59

    Alumina by Nightmare - Misheard Lyrics

    by EiMeCHI (4/3/08) 627 views

    Reuqested by NightmareNny777, enjoy ^___^ Misheard Lyrics Typed form: ____________________________ Dang I knew it Donkey know not Cannot pet that coom Sitter there Take Ruki and a Kimo Copn thou Yoda? Keen on Coonie He's anouther man! I look he zoom zoom Carry your Bean Bag Daddy, will you be there? Let me umm and we'll be tagged! Eat a that kimono Where's Zoo bat and zoo tang top? You shouldn't have eagled Mogi Could there be many yams? Looks there! My my He, and you Eat Tigers you know... Because I'm real Eager Kiss an Innoue can't stand you I see you door let me tango! I can bet you soar on the wall Oh, sign my Heana man! So your pimples don't let you Then go go! Get a you can Dan Its too many, Oh, so let them choke you LenaLee So my bad I let them get the cookie Don't let water loom Oh no your welcome follow me! Don't look I'm washing! There's some cream Star! Look oh no more cookie So should Bee And no Brurette Does she come with me? And me Soul and Meercat Can you eat Managa? He can Toe! Gin will not meet Tory again Again? Konga Bet you sherbet I could rail rude but no need donkey there! Who zoomed Sumo Umm that Cheeto I don't know where that is I see Meqadow throught that there loop And she's gonna cut that man! Domo's taking Suit case boot For the one... He's Tan Icky there! My good towl turns you... Each key No you meanie you carry that! No more knee Think I'm cute? There's s-some more Denny's Sue roo Some Mote took me mom Tiny meet a roo said Evo Cannot Your new broken? Tada you could then K-rock! Oh no can Icky Toshi Both can note a lame-o lame-o She came and licked my bow She knew, and she shit I'm telling you! Now know Can sore hair? Key and Eagor Toe wants Suki Toe won't sleep on toe Its a guy Back home... Don't hack How bout' you! Can't I cure my knee sheen wound? She said soup, book faerie You touch my breath I will.. So mend that dagger Don't cha know that Cat may come pet you! Since your mad... Took me key And a Kimo Kongo Yoda He want Coonie Geezer don't tell meh! I look he zoom zooms Carry your Bean Bag! REQUESTS: - I will do request - The song must be in a language other than English. - I will NOT do songs I absolutely love, but it never hurts to ask :3 (The misheard lyrics will get stuck in my head every time I listen to the song, and I'd prefer not understanding them that way X3) - I have the right to refuse any requests, but usually I'll only refuse if its a song I love X3 DISCLAIMER: - I do not claim to own the songs I use. - All copyrighted material belongs to their respective owners. - These are not the actual lyrics, they were made up just for the fun of it (& out of boredom) - In no way is this intended to make fun of the Japenese Language