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    Tanners Point Promo

    Tanners Point Promo

    by El Presidente Genera (4/7/09) 290 views

    Lights, Camera, Tan! Here comes Hampton Roads’ own reality show.with a twist - Tanners Point, the hot new TV series about “Life, Love & the Pursuit of the Perfect Tan”. Sponsored by Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort, Tanners Point makes the point that “Reality never looked so good”. Just how good? You’ll have to tune to Cox 11 find out. (click here for Show Times). An innovative hybrid of sitcom, docudrama, reality and behind-the-scenes TV, Tanners Point is unlike any show you’ve seen before. Come along for the rambunctious ride and enjoy the fun, fast-paced stories and appealing, often quirky characters you meet in Tanners Point. A production of Virginia Beach-based Rex Motion Media, the show is an offbeat, entertaining and engaging look at beauty - skin-deep and beyond. What is reality? Who are these people really? And just where and why is Tanners Point? Characters aren’t who they seem to be, and the show isn’t what you might think it is. For family fun, carefree frolic and a cleverly humorous PG look at the Hampton Roads tanning lifestyle and the people who pursue it, you’ve gotta get the point - Tanners Point!

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    How to Tan a Vampire

    How to Tan a Vampire

    by El Presidente Genera (1/20/09) 2,164 views

    It doesn't always take blood to satisfy a Vampire. Take Glampira, here. She couldn't even drink light beer! How could she possibly get that tan she always desired? Glampira says, "Fangs a lot, Sundays Blue Box Tanning Salon."

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    Crystal Cove 03:09

    Crystal Cove

    by El Presidente Genera (10/14/08) 749 views

    Carlyle-on-the-Sound is located off Tower Road at Colington Road and features both soundfront and interior homesites with some of the best elevated views to be found anywhere on the Outer Banks. Over 45 percent of the property will be left as a nature reserve, permanently conveyed so that future generations will be able to enjoy its pristine beauty just as you can today. Soundfront community amenities will allow unparalleled access to the Albemarle Sound.

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    MACS Testimonial by REX Motion Media 01:38

    MACS Testimonial by REX Motion Media

    by El Presidente Genera (7/4/08) 186 views

    Mailing Assembling Colating Services (MACS) saves you money. Regular postage is .42 and bulk mail postage is .218. MACS mission is to provide job training and employment to persons with special needs. When you support MACS, you are not only helping yourself, but you are helping your community. http://tothemacs.org/index.html http://www.ethanmarten.com

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