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    Tattoo 6 01:15

    Tattoo 6

    by Eventex007 (7/8/12) 2 views

    http://www.tatuderm.com. Prepping a tattoo is an essential step in creating a long lasting beautiful tattoo. Tatu-Prep is a skin treatment to prepare the skin for a tattoo stencil. Tatu-Prep treats the skin to accept the dye of the stencil and hold it longer than other products in the market. Our marketing strategy started with social media and tattoo conventions to bring the product to tattoo enthusiasts from 2008 to 2010. We expanded our reach engaging with Eikon Device in 2009 as our strategy moved toward distributors for sales. Tommy's Supply, Technical Tattoo Supply and DeadMan's Hand tattoo supply have started selling Tatu-derm® and will travel to shows for us in 2011 as we direct our resources to new products. Interacting with our customers, a number of new ideas have peaked the inventor's curiosity and he's been busy developing. We are launching several new products in 2011 that we hope you will find useful. Our backgrounds are 50+ years of working for US manufacturing companies - inventor guy in engineering, mine in design, sales and supply chain management. We believe our efforts are creating jobs in America by using US manufacturers to build our products. We are regular fun loving people just like you. We like getting new tattoos, riding our motorcycles, spending time with family and friends. We love our work and our customers. We're always open to feedback and new ideas.

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    Keeping The Tattoo Environment Sterile Tattoo Aftercare

    Keeping The Tattoo Environment Sterile Tattoo Aftercare

    by Eventex007 (7/8/12) 4 views

    http://www.tatuderm.com - Tattoo Aftercare - Keeping the Tattoo Environment Sterile. Tattoo aftercare is an essential part of keeping your new tattoo clean and sterile while it heals. Any tattoo aftercare regimen should include a sterile product coming in contact with the newly damaged skin. Tatto-Derm protects your new tattoo and helps it heal in a sterile environment.

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    A Better Way to Heal Tattoos Tattoo Aftercare - TatuDerm 01:15

    A Better Way to Heal Tattoos Tattoo Aftercare - TatuDerm

    by Eventex007 (7/6/12) 9 views

    http://www.tatuderm.com - Tatu-derm provides medical grade tattoo treatment for new tattoos. The breathable barrier allows moisture to escape while keeping dirt and other contaminates out. TatuYou was created by an inked inventor who saw opportunities for improving the tattoo experience. Angry that his back stuck to the sheets after a new tattoo, he developed Tatu-derm® to protect new tattoos from infection and abrasion.

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    Roger Testimony of TatuDerm 01:22

    Roger Testimony of TatuDerm

    by Eventex007 (7/5/12) 1 views

    http://www.tatuderm.com - Tatu-Derm is a bacterial barrier that eliminates contamination in and out of the tattoo area. It is waterproof so the tattoo will not get wet while swimming or showering. Tatu-Derm is extremely effective tattoo treatment for new tattoos. Tatu-Derm represents the next generation of tattoo aftercare.

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    Marc Trimble : Build Joomla Weblinks : By Marc Trimble 04:10

    Marc Trimble : Build Joomla Weblinks : By Marc Trimble

    by Eventex007 (6/26/12) 8 views

    Marc Trimble : http://myjoomlacast.com The largest Joomla How To Video library in the world. Learn Joomla online. Guaranteed. Joomla tutorial videos and Joomla training videos for free. Marc Trimble is the owner and operator of the #1 ranked Joomla video training video site in the world. With over 92,000 registered users and hundreds of thousands of free users, myjoomlacast.com teaches people in over 130 countries how to use the Joomla Content management sytem. Marc Trimble has been online since 1993 and works with businesses all over the world to use the internet to reach more people, sell more stuff, lower operating costs and increase internal efficiencies. Marc Trimble can be reach at Katalistik.com where he is the Co-Founder and Lead on all things internet.

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    Wedding Dresses 12

    Wedding Dresses 12

    by Eventex007 (4/27/12) 4 views

    Check out the latest styles and ideas in weddings dresses in our excellent wedding dress video series.

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    Wedding Flowers 12

    Wedding Flowers 12

    by Eventex007 (4/27/12) 9 views

    Wedding flowers ideas video, spice up your wedding with these great wedding flower and wedding bouquet arrangement ideas.

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