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    Sport Activities Storage System 02:05

    Sport Activities Storage System

    by Eventus Group (11/12/10) 71 views

    The perfect gift for the holiday! The Sports Activities Storage System is a the answer to your storage problems. It solves many storage issues in the garage area and wherever else objects are often crowded. The SASS is a fantastic item that provides an easy solution to storage quandaries. Every SASS comes with the necessary implements for installation, including 6 screws, a drill bit, and the SASS instruction manual. The installation process is simple: no mess, no hassle, no problem. This extremely durable device is able to comfortably support up to 40pounds. In the event that the user accidentally loses grip, the patented safety lock device will automatically secure both the plant and rope. The SASS creates highly crucial space while ensuring the user stellar safety ratings, and the pulley system enables the user to transport objects with only a quarter of the weight and effort of regular lifting.

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    Plant Lifter Pulley (PLP) - the Perfect Gift Idea 02:16

    Plant Lifter Pulley (PLP) - the Perfect Gift Idea

    by Eventus Group (11/9/10) 58 views

    The Plant Lifter Pulley makes a great gift for the holidays. It is the perfect gift for the elderly and those who have a storage problem! The Plant Lifter Pulley (PLP) is the winner of the 2009 Retailer Choice Award. It is the only product of it's kind. There are many who want to grow their plant on an elevated surface, and it comes with certain problems. It provides an easy solutions as well as additional benefits to the user.