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    Make ANTI-GRAVITY Bubbles ! 01:48

    Make ANTI-GRAVITY Bubbles !

    by shootingeggs (8/7/07) 370,029 views

    (S.E.P) Make Bubbles That DONT Go Up-Or Down... They Just HOVER In MID AIR Untill They POP ! Cool Experiment Thats Easy To Do And Uses Only A Couple Of Household Items.... (A Shooting Eggs Production)

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    Make A MAGIC Deck Of Cards! 02:22

    Make A MAGIC Deck Of Cards!

    by shootingeggs (7/13/07) 312,534 views

    (S.E.P) We Show You How To Transform A Normal Pack Of Playing Cards Into A Magic Pack, CHEAT AT POKER Or Just Pull Some Cool Tricks, Its Up To You...(A ShootingEggs Production)

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    How To Make COLORED FIRE ! 02:06

    How To Make COLORED FIRE !

    by shootingeggs (7/2/07) 129,663 views

    (S.E.P) We Show You How... You Can Have Your BBQ Burning Green And Purple! Or Your Fireplace Red And Blue! Or Make Candles With Red Flames! (A ShootingEggs Production)